Aromatherapy Massage - My Style

Before we start the session we have a thorough consultation so I can understand which oils will be of most benefit to you. I blend oils for the face and a separate oil for the body. Aromatherapy oils are very powerful and taking care to blend them synergistically is very important (I never use pre-blended oils). These types of oils are very fine in texture and they absorb very easily into the skin. Even inhaling essential oils has a direct benefit on the body as they enter the lungs, then the bloodstream.

I use Eve Taylor oils which are high quality and feel lovely on the skin. The oils have a wide range of benefits, enhancing mental clarity, improving the skin condition, increasing energy levels, reducing water retention, balancing hormones, detoxifying, actively reducing stiff muscles….the list goes on! Many oils stay in the body working for several hours after the massage has finished which continues the benefits.

I haven’t yet mentioned how delicious the fragrance is! It can be quite floral and light, spiced and grounding, they can also smell quite cleansing when using oils like Eucalyptus and Tea-tree. Whichever blend is needed they smell just Divine!  I highly recommend you have a gentle day after having this treatment.

Where needed (optional), I include the following to enhance the session:

  • Check Chakra with dowsing rods to check if they are in balance.

  • Mindfulness techniques to centre you.

  • Singing bowl to release blocks and tension.

  • Visualisation.

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