Aromatherapy Back Massage  approx 1hour  £48.50

Uplifting, detoxifying, soothing, whatever your needs the Essential Oils are blended just for you, this way they are specific to your needs on that day (I never use bog standard pre-blended oils). Includes back, neck and shoulders with this style  gentle lymphatic drainage massage, but I do adapt the session to your needs that day. If neck, shoulder or back pain is an issue, I adapt the session and the oils to help pain relief. The massage style has a very soothing effect on the nervous system and has a delightful balancing effect on all levels. Incorporating:

  • Chakra check - seven energy centres which run along the spine which relate to the physical body, emotional elements and well-being.

  • Mindfulness techniques to centre you.

  • Singing bowl to release blocks and tension.

  • Visualisation.

Full body Aromatherapy          approx 1hr 45 mins         £70

Soothing away the stress, starting with the face and scalp and then continuing onto the body. I blend the oils for mind, body and spirit, bringing the body back into harmony. 

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Aroma Massage

Relax, reinvigorate, smooth away the stress, whichever you need.

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