Clarity Session approx 40mins  includes MP3     £48.50

Two potent elements combined; the stillness of the mind and relaxation in the body.

Have you ever tried to become really quiet inside or perhaps meditate and struggle to get past 1or 2 seconds? Yep it's really common! Client's have mentioned this difficulty so I have created this unique session to resolve the issue.

When the mind is quiet, the body becomes quiet and vice versa. Accessing this quietness (using my version of meditation) typically brings a state of such clarity and calm, for some it's like a relief to be awake and peaceful at the same time. It can help advance your spiritual and personal development, connecting you to you.


This practical and deeply peaceful session helps you to experience the quietness inside in the most direct and easy way (you'd be surprised how simple it is when you know how). I guide you through to the quietness and we practice this technique a few times before it feels smooth. As you're in this peaceful state I use Reiki to help relax the body and deepen the quietness. The experience of access the sweetness of peace inside is priceless.

Can be used as a one off session or a course depending on your needs.

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Clarity Session

Be guided into the quietness inside to access peace & clarity

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