Holistic Facial - How This Facial Makes A Difference


I use Eve Taylor skin products including aromatherapy oils. The quality is very high    so I can rely on them being perfect for even the most sensitive skins. They are manufactured here in Peterborough and they use minimal packaging, all of which are important to me.


The delicious aromatherapy oils are blended for your skin’s needs on that day. I use various carrier oils such as Borage (Starflower Oil) Avocado, wheatgerm and Rosehip Seed which are renowned for their highly beneficial nourishment, repair with an anti-ageing effects on the skin.


The essential oils are beautifully scented, the most natural perfume on the planet! Highly potent, they do wonders on toning, soothing, stimulating, nourishing and balancing the skin. I can also blend an oil for you to use at home as a treatment oil twice a week.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

My massage style adapts for each client but is always based on a rhythmic gentle pulsing action which drains away toxins and brings fresh oxygen to the surface. It can move the static lymph which causes the eyes to look puffy around and helps to release sinus tension. Clients comment on their head feeling "really clear" after the treatment.

Whole Body Experience

This Holistic Facial is rather more than a facial as many clients look and feel restored in their body too; partly as their posture often improves from the massage around the neck and shoulders. Also many clients comment on their quality of sleep improving in the days following as the nervous system has been calmed.

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