Kind Words

Kind words from happy customers.

"Quantam Leap... yes, that's absolutely what you feel you are taking just by simply gazing at this extraordinary print. I could 'live with' all Nina's paintings happily spread around my abode but this one really drew me the first time I saw it."

(Alison - Northamptonshire, UK)

Quantum Leap.png

"I love Diamond Bright because of the colours, style and the positive title. Every piece of Nina Heaton's artwork speaks its own message. Not only are they beautiful to look at but because the work is channelled through Nina they touch a deeper level."

(Barbara - Oundle, UK)

Diamond Bright high.png

"I love Nina Heaton's art. It has always inspired me, my favourite painting is Joy! I’m so pleased she now has a website so her paintings can be shared with the world. They have the ability to reach deep down inside of us."

(Pam - Colchester, UK)

JOY!75% Png.png

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