Matrix Energetics - How Does It Work?

Matrix Energetics pulls together some of the modalities I already use and adds a big fat cherry on top!! Working from the 'heart field' instead of our head means we can access even more heart centred awareness. Scientific studies have shown the heart field is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the whole body, sixty times greater than the brain.

Working with Matrix Energetics has changed my beliefs even more about 'what is possible' because of the changes that I have seen with clients and on a personal level!

What is Matrix Energetics?

Matrix Energetic is a consciousness technology based on quantum physics. "It is a vehicle for transformation." As human beings we are all made up of electrons and photons (light and information). During the session I use focussed intent, drop down to the ‘heart field’ and tap into the millions of possibilities. Using this strategy we can change the way the electrons show up and so change the pattern.

Whether the pattern is showing up as an ache or unhelpful thoughts it’s just the same, just a pattern that can change. Rather than getting stuck in the problem or issue Matrix Energetics opens the door to new possibilities. By using tools like 'Two-Point' and 'Templates' the old patterns collapse at a quantum level. Changes happen instantly and the effects ripple out for days and sometimes weeks later.

As the Matrix Energetics Practitioner I access the right brain even more. This helps to open up to millions of possibilities through the creative side of the consciousness. Without analyzing or judging, just simply observing and taking notice of where my intuition takes me.

How does Matrix Energetics work?

Quantum physics is a branch of science that studies and describes the reality at the atomic level (molecules and atoms) and the sub atomic (electrons and photons etc.) level of matter.

A particle is what we perceive as matter. A wave is a disturbance in some type of substance like air or water for example.

In Quantum physics circles, there is a very well known experiment called ‘Double Slit Experiment’ by Dr Werner Heisenberg / Thomas Young. They discovered things that we perceive as having mass are a waves of information or possibilities……until we observe it or measure it.

The act of observing or measuring, changes the behaviour of electrons. Combining this with other tools taught by Richard Bartlett (founder of Matrix Energetics) brings about unlimited possibilities for transformation, healing and change.

What are the benefits of Matrix Energetics?

Every person has a different experience of Matrix Energetics and every time you have it it's different as we are working on different levels and issues each time. Many people say they feel very calm during and after the session as well as experiencing some profound changes.

A gentle light touch is applied while standing, sitting or lying down. The client often feels and experiences a subtle wave like motion as the 'wave function' collapses. Sometimes clients feel very relaxed and may feel like they have dozed off to sleep for a few moments.

Matrix Energetics can help change many issues:

•  Reduce or eliminate pain and discomfort    
•  Speed up healing after operations
•  Change old physical / emotional patterns that may be hereditary  
•  Change perception of what’s possible
•  Enhance relationships and communication
•  Increase confidence and self-development

I work with you, so I do expect you to participate in your own development and growth. Often a new awareness comes about during this transformational stage. As with many areas of my work I give clear strategies to help facilitate change.

Of course with any energy work one can never guarantee a specific result, but something always changes.

As a Matrix Energetics practitioner I never give medical advice or treatment. If you are receiving medical treatment please continue doing so. Always contact your health care professional before reducing or changing your medication.

How do I receive a Matrix Energetics session?

Just contact me by email or phone giving brief details of what you would like to work on and some dates that you're available, I will contact you as soon as possible to book you in

You can receive Matrix Energetics in-person either while standing, sitting or lying down on the couch.

Or you can receive a Matrix Energetics session by skype or phone. We arrange a convenient time for us both depending on where you are in the world (choosing a time where you can be uninterrupted and relaxed). At the appointment time you phone me and we start the session. Although it might seem strange not being in the same room while receiving a ME session, the distance makes no difference at all.

Pricing and payment for Matrix Energetics

For in-person sessions you can pay by cheque or cash. For distance sessions you will be asked to pay before the session date either by bank transfer or Paypal.

Matrix Energetics Session 30-45 minute session is £65


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