About Me

Each of us find inspiration and are creative in our own unique way. I am inspired by people, by nature and through insights received during moments of stillness in times of quiet or meditation.

My journey into art started in 2010. I returned from a training in Matrix Energetics and felt compelled to start painting almost straight away. I found that my creativity had hugely expanded and though compelled to paint, I had no idea what I was going to paint, only the colour palette I was to use. Within this experience of letting go I often found that images would just appear on the canvas and the result would be a complete surprise to me. Sometimes when I doodle, shapes and concepts develop, the colours evolve and before I know it a painting has been created!

I believe art can be a facilitator for change. Art moves people; it connects with the observer and can enrich us at deep, visceral levels beyond what words can express. Imagine if you will, an unseen energy that emanates from the colours and symbols, impacting those observing in a myriad of ways. Now, with wondrous technology, these powerful images can be made into prints to decorate your home, or you can wear them as t-shirts and scarves, carry them on tote bags and mobile phone covers, drink from them on mugs, or inspire your writing via notebooks. The list goes on!

For me creativity comes in many forms. I also use this creative sense within my coaching business,

Nina Garden cropped 6503 - Copy (2).jpg

using an innovative approach to problem solving when facilitating with clients who come to me for personal and professional coaching. I am passionate about helping each client go beyond the self sabotage and old patterns keeping them stuck, so they can enjoy their life to the full with freedom, and tapped into their own creativity.


From a background in holistic therapies, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Matrix Energetics (modality based on quantum physics and the field of the heart) I have developed a deep emotional intelligence and honed the art of observation from many levels and perspectives. I am grateful to work from a rich foundation of experience that is inherent in my coaching and in my art. So it gives me great joy to access this as I guide clients and see them develop to become all that they are too. We are all constantly evolving and we have a choice to successfully go about that with our own unique expression.

I would be happy to hear from you if you would like to explore the possibility of personal and/or professional coaching with me. The art is always present in my sessions too! I can be contacted via my contact page.