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3 Steps To Changing Your Perception

Situations, people, work colleagues and many other topics can push your buttons which may create a minor or major emotional wobble! The wobble could be feeling like you’re out of your depth, or maybe you feel like you haven’t the knowledge or experience to deal with the situations. Perhaps it’s about you being way outside your comfort zone in general.

You might think having a wobble or crisis of confidence is a bad thing, it’s easy to jump straight into judging a situation, or perhaps judging yourself or someone else and get caught up in over analysing it. We’re often taught, albeit unconsciously sometimes, that the wobble is something to be struggled with, to resist or avoid acknowledging.

Shifting your perspective on this is so helpful and useful. Why? Because the alternative is exhausting, clouds your judgement/discernment and can lead to an avoidable downward spiral.

It’s like a bird flying for the first time, from the nest high up on the cliff face it looks down at the expanse of space and hesitates (has a wobble). But once it takes action and pushes off with wings spread, it can soar to new heights!

3 Steps To Changing Your Perception

Acceptance - Take the struggle out of it

1. Note the wobble, no need to give it any more energy by over thinking it, just accept there is a wobble going on. It’s ok to be where you’re at. Notice what’s shifts when you do this.

 Shift Awareness

2. The wobble is a little signal that you are growing in some way, it typically precedes growth or some sort of shift in awareness. This is good! It’s vital you note this every time to get into a new habit and adopt a more useful attitude.

Inspired Action

 3. From this awareness make a decision to take action is some way, even if it seems minor. Or you may even decide no action is what’s actually needed. Pause. Now notice what’s different in your body, mind and general outlook.

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