Creative Surprise!

Oh I do love a creative suprise. This blog is usually about creativity relating to painting/art, but this month creativity has taken a little detour.

A few years ago I wrote Time To Be Free as a poem, it was written quite quickly, just needed a bit of tweaking. I knew one day it would HAVE to morph into a song, now finally it's happened along with a video. The words are planned to be printed on my Quantum Leap image so it can be a poster or wall hanging, bit tricky fiddling around with the design programme but I'm sure that part will come together shortly.

The song Time To Be Free is uplifting and inspires people to shine, that's the feedback so far. Some people are moved by the words and with the images from the video it adds another dimension which has been fun to create.

The collaborations have been really good too. The help that I've had has just fallen into my lap at the right time. I've decided to share the song for free and encourage all to pass on the gift to others. It feel like it needs to 'get out there' to inspire as many people as possible.

So do share and keep sharing this!

#Songtoshare #Timetobefree

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