Inspired By Nature

I love to see the vibrant blue sky and sharpness of the white snow. We had very large flakes falling followed by a layer of powder-like snow which made it shimmer in the sunlight, quite stunning! The beauty and clearness of it all is breath taking.

Seeing the abandoned half made snowmen made me smile, huge spheres of snow with streaks of mud on the outside, where the sheer weight of the construction was just too much to stay on the surface.

Looking at the spheres reminds me of a drawing, well doodle really, of an image that I haven't painted yet. I didn’t realise I needed a shove to get a wiggle on and get the image from my head onto canvas, but there it is, a prompt!

I think we often forget that nature is just there showing us what we need to know in the moment. Hint taken, it’s on my list for next week :O)

That brilliant blue reminds me of the Shine Your Light range, vibrant and uplifting!

#Redbubble #Shineyourlight

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