• Nina Heaton

It's Not A Pretty Subject

It's not a pretty subject, and often causes unnecessary upset. I'm compelled to bring it up! Resentment is the word I'm talking about. It can effect your responses, communication, level of mental clarity, decision making, energy level, productivity and many more areas of course. You may have set yourself up for feeling this way. I know, crazy! Why would you create that for yourself, surely that can't be right??!!

One common cause is when you bend over backwards for people, clients, staff, colleagues, friends or even family. When you keep 'going out of your way' to ........ ( fill the blank). When you consistently do this is creates an imbalance....A BIG IMBALANCE! Eventually you will feel resentment building.

All of it completely unnecessary, but caused by these programmes or misconceptions:

All of it completely unnecessary, but caused by these programmes or misconceptions:

1. Conditioning and programmes from outer influences ( upbringing, education, mass consciousness).

2. Habit - you haven't revisited this pattern to check whether it's helpful or useful or not so it's still running.

3. 'Pleasing mode' - running around pleasing others to meet their high expectation or to avoid confrontation.

4." It's just who I am." - over identifying with the pattern, because you've done it for so long, you think it's apart of you.

5. Accepted and liked - to have a sense of connection.

6. To avoid the pain of criticism - it's too much to bear, so you avoid it happening by acting from fear.

7. Mistaking need for love - under the belief that when you meet the needs of others you are experiencing love.

Check in to see if any of these resonate with you. Note how tiring it is!! Are these helping you move forward? Do they give you a sense of fulfillment, or feel enriching and nourishing.... nope didn't think so. Just bringing this to your awareness starts to make a tiny change. If you want to know how to really change these, you'll need to come and book in with me. The great news is, you won't regret it! :)


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