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New Year Fading Fast

The New Year celebrations seem such a long time ago. In my experience as a coach and practitioner, those resolutions start to fade and lose momentum about now. You've probably done that yourself right? You spend ages working on your goals, maybe many goals. So why have they faded so quickly? The main reasons are: 1. The goal wasn't really your goal, it was a programmed goal which means it came from that 'should' type of feeling. 2 . It was taking way too much effort to maintain the goal, it was using up energy to sustain it, then of course it isn't sustainable for very long. 3. Many limiting beliefs would have been woven into your goals without even realising it! These would have been sabotaging your efforts at every turn. All of this is unnecessary! Simply ground yourself by feeling your feet on the ground, feel the breath. Then review what your goals were at the beginning of the year and check in to see which section it would have fitted into. Was it from 'should'? Or one of the others? Did they make your heart sing at the time? It's unlikely, otherwise you'd still being doing them.

When you clear up what's fuelling the old patterns you move into being in charge and you're not pulled around by the suffocating fear and lack like before. This is what I show clients .... their FREEDOM!! Whether is for personal or professional issues ( both are linked anyway) you can set yourself free! #Freedom

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