• Nina Heaton

Open Your Heart To Open Your World

When you get stuck in overthinking it really limits how you experience your life (reality). We stop feeling and disconnect, which means we disconnect from the fullness and richness that life has to offer. Becoming aware of that is the start of a new process. Then you can make a decision from there to action something.

So here’s an action for you to open your world.

1. Sit, be aware of breath, feel your feet on the ground.

2. Think of three things that you are REALLY grateful and thankful for, FEEL the gratitude. It may feel like a subtle feeling in the chest, a warmth may be or opening.

3. Now let that expand into the whole of the chest then allow it to burst into the whole body! Welcome back to being open.

#OpenYourWorld #OpenHeartOpenToAbundance


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