• Nina Heaton

Receiving This Season And Beyond

Permission to pause, rest, restore and take stock and feel the gratitude of what has already been, what has happened so far is vital in my experience as a practitioner and coach AND personally.

There are natural cycles of energy in nature and in YOU. Sometimes you will feel such full vitality it spills over and you're compelled to create, it feels effortless...it just flowing. The creativity, productivity and impulse to create a new project or explore something different pulls you.This may continue for long periods of time which is wonderful, after all we are here to create! :)

Sometimes there is a programme running which is the fuel for the 'Doing' and feeling of needing to be busy all of the time, to have the result and then to 'DO' more to have the result again. In this DO-HAVE pattern ( apart from being exhausting) the benefits of 'being' are missed out, over-looked, an there's an assumption that it's not a necessity or of value. But the truth is, it's a necessary part of the creation process. Whether is be daily taking time out daily ( and by the way if accessed properly, the benefits can be felt in minutes, and sometimes moments, you don't have to be lounging around like a sloth for hours to 'be') or connecting in chunks of longer periods, it's different for each individual.

What we all have in common though, in my experience as a practitioner/coach and personally, is the pause, the rest and restoration time is nourishing, enlightening and subtly creative in it's own way. In those joined up moments there is information, insights, ideas starting to form and come into being, coming into your awareness in gentle ways. It may be an image, felling or something you hear on the radio, sparks a concept or some sort of inspiration. It's joyful to be still enough and quite enough to hear and see and feel these delightful 'things'. It's a by-product of being, it naturally happens. Of course sometimes there is just the being feeling and that is nourishing in itself.

The question is, will you give yourself permission to be, just for a little while, so you can receive and restore and then be ready to create again?


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