Reflection Of The Optimum You

I love using vibrant colours when I paint. Colour influences how you feel, your surroundings and the colours you wear, the colours of food you eat can even uplift or can dampen your energy. The great thing is you can use this to your advantage and simply ask your body "What colours would nourish me today?" Choosing wall art, clothes and accessories in the same way is playful, and from this playful way you open up to being more in tune with what you need.

If you feel a bit hyper, soothing colours mights be needed, soothings tones like shades of blue and soft greens. If you need some energy maybe the hotter colours, yellows, oranges, purples and hot pinks will uplifting you.

Don't take my word for it, give it a try. Experiment for 2 weeks allow yourself to be led from this guidance, from inside by asking yourself open questions. "Which art work would inspire me in my office today?" You could buy a selection of my greetings cards and have them as a positive prompt for the day. Why not give it a try? It works for many people, click here to order your cards and have a play.

Enjoy exploring!


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