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The Playful You

Remember the last time you heard a child giggling, it’s infectious! They need very little encouragement to see the humour and silliness in everyday things. Being open, playful and creative like a child is priceless. It allows you to see issues, projects, relationships, work or even what you perceive as annoying situations, with a whole new perspective.

Research shows being playful can enhance creativity and personal development in childhood. As adults it’s definitely under used as a release valve for stress. Endorphins are released, so the ‘feel good’ feelings increase and this playful creativity helps your brain grow!

Along the way we’ve been conforming to social situations and etiquette and have been dampening down this natural urge to play. I’m suggesting you do the opposite by giving yourself permission to lighten up! Choose to see the opportunities to explore and be silly and creative......just because you can.

How Can You Introduce This Into Your Life More?

Dance -When you move your body it has a direct effect on the mental state and vice versa. Dancing is a great example of being present, using your senses by listening to the beat, flowing with the sounds and just being creative and silly at the same time. The mind is then loosened up, then we see more humour and so it goes around.

Art- There are many ways to access this, we can use painting for example, even if you haven’t painted before, just paint anyway. Not to make it a master piece, just to be expressive and in the moment feeling the texture and colours.

Acting/ fancy dress - This always bring our a different side of people, it gives them an opportunities to be playful with their character.

Music– Steering wheel bongos, tapping spoons along with the music or a box of matches, it doesn’t have to be a proper instrument.

Singing/Chanting– Some types of yoga use chanting Sanscrit as part of the class, exploring the sound you can make, where the vibration moves when to lower your voice.

Games– Good old twister, building wobbly towers with Jenga.

Sports & Outdoors – Canoeing, aqua aerobics splash the water, creating a raft of some kind, or wall climbing at a sports centre, ski diving simulator, zip wire if you want to squeal as you fly down the wire!

Check in to see if you’re being a bit serious about life, decide to play at home or an organised activity, it doesn’t really matter. It’s the sense of freedom and lightness you can create easily.

How will you be playful this week and beyond?


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