Reflexology with a difference    approx 1 hour   £48.50

To elevate the benefits of this already healing and restoring treatment, I include breathing and mindfulness techniques to help you become present, along with sound and vibration to help release tension (all optional).

Working over the zones of the feet, this treatment is relaxing and uplifting. Using specific movements to help to disperse calcium deposits enabling the body to heal itself. Excellent as an individual treatment for a tonic, or regularly to ease minor aliments.

This session encourages harmony within each of the bodies systems, a bit like a musical instrument being tuned so it plays well, all parts being in tune with the next to create a great sound. When the body is in balance it can heal itself in a very powerful way. For example reducing the susceptibility to infections and viruses, increased ‘feel good hormones’ for positive outlook and generally strong constitution and resilience.

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Using the zones of the feet to detox and revitalise the body.

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