Reflexology - How It Helps the Body

Improves Circulation

Often our lifestyle can cause sluggish circulation, sitting for long periods at a desk for example. Reflexology boosts circulation to the organs and helps remove waste and toxins. When we tense up or feel pressured, it causes constriction and often the fight or flight mechanism kicks in. This response constricts the blood flow, and, if it continues for long periods, is unhelpful for the body. By relaxing and soothing the body using reflexology, the circulation improves as the blood flow returns to a more helpful level, which helps organ function and cellular healing etc.

Detox For The Body

The lymphatic system carries waste along with the colon and kidneys. Reflexology can help stimulate areas if they have become blocked or stagnant. Cleansing the body using Reflexology is a helpful way to eliminate impurities that may build up in these systems. We can often feel a bit heavy and low in energy if toxins haven’t been excreted properly.

Relaxation & Nervous System

As I mentioned earlier, stress can have quite an effect on the body causing contraction/constriction, over a period of time this causes tension and can have a big impact on the quality of sleep and the ability to relax. The body needs to restore and rebalance, being able to relax and sleep well is vital for sustained health. Soothing the nervous system by massaging the key zones on the feet, more than 7,000 nerves are stimulated, helping the body to deeply relax. Along with relaxation music, a warm quiet environment and guided relaxation to help switch of the internal chatter, it’s a truly calming experience. So much so many clients drift off to sleep for most of the session.

Clarity & Creativity

As we start to clear and cleanse the body with Reflexology, many clients find they have much more mental clarity afterwards. The cotton wool head or that dullness clears from the head (even if they weren’t aware of it before) leaving brightness, mental clarity and creativity flows once again. When we go in to a relaxed state and open the body, the mind can open up too (the mind and the body are one, not separate). Creativity is needed in everyone’s life, from work projects to logistics of a complicated school run, or big decisions being made, to what to cook for dinner. It’s all creative!

Uplifting & Revitalising

Energy levels can be increased and enhanced by using Reflexology as a one off session or a course of sessions. Many clients notice a significant difference as all of the benefits collectively have a very uplifting effect. Reiki healing also flows while I’m carrying out a Reflexology session, it’s hard to switch the Reiki off! If you have never experienced Reflexology with me, give it a go! It’s good to try new things.

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