Time To Be Free

I wrote Time To Be Free as a poem around three years ago, and knew then it had to become a song! It’s been a beautiful experience collaborating with all the talented artists who have helped bring it to life.

No matter how many times you listen to the song it is increasingly nourishing and uplifting. It reminds us of our greatness and is a celebration of life. Once you've listen a few times I’m sure you’ll appreciate Time To Be Free has many layers and can be used so creatively. It's ideal to enhance the atmosphere before or during workshops and webinars to set the scene, or as a focus in its own right. Also, very useful for Kirtan sessions; as an inspirational element for yoga or movement classes and gatherings, and in the therapeutic setting for practitioners/facilitators.

The feedback I’m receiving is wide and varied. Some find it to be a powerful and uplifting song. For others it serves as a conduit for connecting with their inner guidance to receive insights. So, if you feel a bit stuck or blocked the song may reflect back to you the answers that you need in that moment, helping you to move forward with greater freedom. Maybe give it a try and see what works for you!

Kind Words

“It moves me every time I listen to Time To Be Free.” CA Northamptonshire
“What a lovely song!” LA Belgium
“It’s like the song is talking directly to me.” HN Cambridgeshire
“The song is very hopeful, supportive and it inspires me to shine too!” DL Cambridgeshire
“Time To Be Free is a beautiful song and is an excellent guide for life.” MP Northumberland


I'm excited to share Time To Be Free as a gift to anyone who would like it. I ask only one thing of you, that you pass on the gift by sending my website link to friends and family. Let's get it out there!

Creative Collaborations

Piano, Melody & Vocal

Mia Stegner helped me bring the poem into another dimension by transforming it into a song. Mia is a singer-songwriter and storyteller, she has released many albums of her own, find her music on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and Youtube. She also teaches songwriting, runs workshops and has written and self-published three novels. Mia, along with her colleagues, will be releasing a children’s animated musical this year. For more details about projects and how to hire Mia visit


Flapping Duck Production created the video for me. It was a joy to work with them, so creative and very accommodating to my requests! I would highly recommend them.
Flapping Duck Production is a full featured boutique film studio. Their services include business content, music videos, narrative film work, and creative content. They have feature films available on Amazon Video, and content on other platforms, for more information visit

Additional Music & Arrangement

DJH Songs kindly created the rest of the music for me, yet another level of joy when I heard the result.
They have a wide range of original songs available for performing and recording by new and established acts, many with backing tracks. There are samples on the website and instrumental tracks also available for lyricists to work with, for more information visit

Coming Soon!

The poem will be available soon on posters, tapestries, canvases and other designs in my Redbubble range.