Sound & Vibration Session approx 40 minutes   £45


Using sound healing is useful and a beautiful way to bring elements of the body back into resonance. Sound may release blocks and tension in the body and have a positive effect on brain waves bringing back a sense of calm and balance.


Everything around us is made up of subatomic particles (including us), which vibrate at various frequencies. When we are healthy it's thought that each body system, including the cells and organs are in harmony.

Just like the perfect piece of music, all instruments are in tune with one another.

We only hear around 10% of the vibration, the rest is felt through the cells and the magnetic field around the body. The feeling is gentle and subtle.

The session is enjoyed laying down with pillows and blankets for comfort and purely dedicated to de-stressing the body and creating space and calm within, including:

•    Chakra check - seven energy centres which run along the spine which       relate to the physical body, emotional elements and well-being.
•    Mindfulness techniques to centre you.
•    Singing bowl to release blocks and tension.
•    Visualisation.

As with all sessions with me, the treatment is adapted to your needs.

(This session is not recommended if you are pregnant)

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Sound & Vibration

Using sound and vibration to bring the body back into balance

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