Clients often email feedback after their session which is great to pass on, here are a handful of comments.

Holistic Facial

"When I go to see Nina for a facial, I know it will be much more than that. She uses deep relaxation technique, massage, visualisation and elements of Reiki to ensure that the treatment extends well beyond skin level."

CF - Cambridgshire

Clarity Session

"I've tried to meditate over the years

but never been successful. I can't believe Nina has shown me her version of accessing the quietness and within minutes

I was there. I've never experienced anything like it!"

SL - Peterborough

Sound &Vibration

"It makes me feel so peaceful when

Nina uses the singing bowl with Reiki Really calm inside."

JM - Peterborough

Aroma Massage

"I booked a massage with Nina when my shoulders, neck and mid back had become unbearably tense. She quietly but confidently got to work using wonderful smelling combinations of oils.

The relief and feeling of being....





  "I went to see Nina for Reflexology,

yet received so much more!! Nina has the ability to create the most fantastic, warm and relaxing atmosphere which allowed me to feel completely SAFE!!

                 LC- Peterborough

Matrix & Energy

"I have been suffering from migraines for many years and recently had a spate of them. In the space of 10 days I saw a doctor 4 times and spent over £50 on prescriptions, all to no avail. One Matrix Energetics session with Nina and I have not had......


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