Personal Transformation Testimonials

" Working with Nina was life-changing. I approached her out of curiosity and in an attempt to take back the reins of my own life rather than living as though I had to firefight everyday. Together we unblocked my mind of the major negative programming that I had accumulated to that point...and then she taught me new states of ‘being’. Reflecting the mirror back at me was a within, so without. As soon as I began to truly stay focused on my internal landscape, with non-judgment, compassion and love, my relationship with the whole universe changed. I live each day now with a sense of infinite possibility, an immeasurable freedom.

Nina is an exceptional practitioner. Her professional approach to my wellbeing exceeded any other experience I have ever had. I felt fully supported and respected by her throughout the coaching and will continue to return for refresher sessions. WK Cambridgeshire

"For me, hearing how far I'd come and how much I'd learnt from Nina at the end of the course was incredible. I hadn't realised I'd done so much and changed so drastically. I felt very comfortable with Nina, I felt I could discuss anything with her, something as a man I find hard to do with most people. Nina honestly changed my life, 7 months on I still look to use the techniques I discovered. I truly hope to learn more with Nina in the future, what we covered was life changing for me. Thanks Nina!!" RA Peterborough

"Seeing Nina is the best investment I have ever made. I can honestly say that I have never felt felt better, more confident and comfortable in my own skin." TL Cambridgeshire

"This program is the most valuable thing I've done in my life." WL Cambridgeshire

"For 35yrs I have suffered from anxiety and insecurities ,recent events ,loss of family member ,illness and relationship break up all within the space of 3 weeks put me at one of the lowest points of my life. I needed help and got it through Nina, we worked together and got to the core of the problem ,eliminating all other issues on the way. My anxiety has gone from an 8/10 to 0/10, the calming affect this has had on my life is profound.

The cost of this was minimal and to be honest you can’t put a price on what Nina has done for me.

I thank her dearly." HK Peterborough

"For many years I have known that I had blocks from my childhood which have prevented me from being confident in my own skin, however much I achieved. I always felt I wasn't really present in my body, I was either outside trying to please or trying to escape. The lovely thing about working with Nina was not having to go back to the root causes by talking about it all. There is work to do but Nina skilfully guides you through. Now I feel like I've come home and I'm ready to face life's challenges with confidence." CB - Oundle

"I saw Nina as I had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and advised by the specialist to give up work as I may never recover. A family member who had seen Nina informed me she had had positive results so I decided to make an appointment. I had 4 sessions over a period of 4 weeks, and during that time I noticed considerable changes. my outlook was far more positive that family members could see in my appearance and hear in my voice, my energy levels had returned and I became more aware of how to address certain issues to remain a healthy well-being, as a result I was able to return back to work. Seeing Nina was the right choice, as where conventional healthcare had failed me, Nina healed my emotional well being which had a positive impact upon my physical well being. I would advocate anyone to try HSE and see the results for themselves." - BA Peterborough

"I have had a number of treatments with Nina on HSE. It has been a wonderful experience I was initially recommended by a friend, so went along to see Nina.The process has been extremely cathartic, and really changed my views on so many things. We all carry so much emotional baggage and this process has simply cleared it all. I wish I had gone a long time ago. In short I am so much more confident and happy.Have lost all my feeling of fear and anxiety, and really truly enjoying life for the first time in a very long time.I have been able to release old habits and unhelpful thought patterns. Also had suffered with ongoing stomach problems for years, and shortly after seeing Nina the pain disappeared.The techniques I have learned are totally invaluable and I will be able to continue using these whenever I need to. I will most definitely be going back to see Nina just for a top up every now and then.I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone.We spring clean our houses so why not spring clean our thoughts and habits.Nina is a very special lady. Thanks so much Nina." - GH Peterborough

Holistic Facial Testimonials

"My visits to Nina are a delightful treat on many levels -  I know from the moment that I walk through her door that what ever is playing on my mind at the time will fade away as she enables me to relax and concentrate on the moment.  Her caring disposition makes me feel safe and cocooned into another world.  In these times of nonsurgical facials with machines bleeping it is refreshing to enjoy Nina’s facials that use carefully chosen oils and products that she gently massages into the skin leaving my face softer and clearer for long after the treatment.  One thing I have noticed each time I visit is how well I sleep afterwards – My body feels so relaxed that I will always deeply sleep the whole night through." SB Peterborough

"Nina is not only extremely competent she is professional, caring and dedicated to her clients. I thoroughly look forward to my sessions with Nina not only for the great relaxing facials, which leaves my skin glowing, also because she is an excellent listener and advice giver. She can analyse situations and give sensible guidance which really helps you to move forward". - MS Peterborough

Reflexology Testimonials

"I went to see Nina for Reflexology, yet received so much more!! Nina has the ability to create the most fantastic, warm and relaxing atmosphere which allowed me to feel completely SAFE!! I found that I was able to open up on an emotional level which left me feeling so much lighter!! Not only did I receive the most fantastic Reflexology session I received invaluable information and advice that is having a positive effect with the rest of my well being. I would recommend Nina to all my friends." - LC Peterborough

"Every time I come out of a treatment with Nina I feel sane again - grounded, relaxed, rebalanced and re-energised. The treatments are held in a warm, welcoming and safe place where I can completely let go and re-charge my batteries. Nina's caring and loving nature, as well as her professionalism and her profound knowledge make it a very enjoyable experience. She always tailors the treatment to my needs on the day. I definitely recommend her!" - SH Peterborough

"I was diagnosed as having ME 10 years ago. Conventional medicine had nothing to offer me and I could not see how I was to end the pain and total lack of energy that I had to put up with every day.
I was a complete sceptic about alternative medicine, so when I first met Nina I only gave her the minimum of information about me. I had Reflexology at first then Reiki. These began a journey which transformed both my mental and physical health." - LF Peterborough

" I've had that headache everyday for 3 weeks, draining my energy and now it's gone. You've just got right to the problem in 10 minutes! You've managed to talk me through the cause and help me sort it at the same time as doing reflexology, thank you Nina." GJ Peterborough

Aromatherapy Massage Testimonials

"I booked a massage with Nina when my shoulders, neck and mid back had become unbearably tense. She quietly but confidently got to work using wonderful smelling combinations of oils. The relief and feeling of being cared for was overwhelming.
Nina also explained how and why tensions build up in particular areas of the body, leading me gradually to assess my life- style and the changes I may need to make". - CF Cambridgeshire

"I have known Nina Heaton for several years now, visiting her to receive Reiki Healing, Reflexology, Massage and Indian Head Massage. Each time I go, Nina’s warmth and kindness shine through. I am made to feel most welcome and important as her patient. She has all the time in the world for me and time stands still while I am receiving healing. I come away feeling lighter physically and emotionally which is why I keep on returning as I benefit so much from my visits. Nina is always 100% professional and as a trainee in complimentary medicine myself I have a lot to learn from her. I would recommend anyone to visit this very special person if they want to move forward in their life." -HK Cambrigdeshire

"Nina my back is feeling GREAT it was good when I left you but I daren’t say anything just in case, but there is no doubt now I feel no pain at all, and we went dancing last night and sometimes I come away with a few twinges but no, feel great!!"- PK Peterborough

Reiki Testimonials

"Nina's healing hands help you unwind and let go into a world of healing, a feeling of being as one with your inner self. The ultimate result is a feeling of balance, peace and serenity." – LD Lincolnshire

" I'm always amazed at how relaxed and peaceful I feel after Reiki with you. Completely at ease and present." LK Lincolnshire

Matrix Energetics Testimonials

"I have been suffering from migraines for many years and recently had a spate of them. In the space of 10 days I saw a doctor 4 times and spent over £50 on prescriptions, all to no avail. One Matrix Energetics session with Nina and I have not had a migraine since! Questioning the fundamentals of my entire belief system and completely blown away by what Nina has accomplished for me." RT - Peterborough

"Nina performed an incredibly relaxing massage which she combined with a matrix session focused on my breathing problems. Although I was sceptical, Nina’s empathy and massage skills relaxed me so much that I opened my mind to the matrix treatment in a way I had never been able to do before to any alternative treatment. I now know this is the treatment effect enabling its action.

Lying comfortably on the couch, I don’t know how it happened, but gradually I learned to breath again. Initially, deep breathing was the usual struggle but the focus I was able to maintain. As Nina worked with her words and matrix points, I was able to consciously open my throat area and breath again for the first time for nine months. The relief of the return of this simple reflex action was overwhelming. I was so glad to be able to breath easily again I spent hours just enjoying the sensation and reminding my lungs of the correct way.

Forever sceptical, I expected but a short reprieve until reunited with the stress Three months later, I can still breath normally!!"- KJ Cambridgeshire

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