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Events 2024

Joyful Connections Dates for 2024 - more dates to follow

Sunday 28th April 1.30pm until 4.30pm £35 p/p
Sunday 4th August 1.30pm until 4.30pm £35 p/p

Joyful Connections - Sunday 28th April 1.30pm until 4.30pm Southwick Hall near Oundle

I continue to be shown the importance of us coming together to create joyful connections and highest intentions!

The September 2023 and February 2024 gathering was wonderful and I had so much lovely feedback, I’ve decide to continue this informal and very relaxed session at Southwick Hall on Sunday 28th April 1.30pm until 4.30pm.


  • Connect with yourself.

  • Connect with like-minded people (acknowledging the power of gathering together).

  • Connect with nature & potent energy to raise your vibration.

  • Celebrate the sweetness of life.

  • Building a community with these gatherings.


It’s extremely powerful and is beneficial to you personally, those around you, for humanity and the Earth. Everyone is unique so experiences will of course vary, but in general....

  • Relaxing into the beauty within (inside you) and without (outside of you)

  • Peace and inner calm

  • Mental clarity

  • Deeper connection to self love

  • Feeling of expansion and joyful connectedness

  • Raise your vibration

Joyful Connections April 2024.jpg

What will we do?

It's very simple ...yet potent!

  1. I’ll lead the Self Alignment Meditation to centre yourself and feel that beautiful connection.

  2. Spend time in the wooded area where 2 powerful ley lines cross over.

  3. Tea and healthy treats - time to socialise with like minded people.

Connection Point

Earlier in the year I discovered Southwick Hall near Oundle, a beautiful historically place and with such serene energy. With further exploration and a lot of fun, I found two ley lines (energy lines in the Earth/connecting points) which meet at a powerful point in the wooded area. This area has the potential to significantly and sustainably raise your vibration in the exact quantity and potency which is optimum for you.

Southwick Hall.JPG

What does raising vibration mean?

You may want to Google Hawkins Scale and look at the visual images. When we feel joy, love and peace for example, our energy frequency is high. In the Hawkins scale it is measure in Hertz relating to what we’re experiencing, so we feel expansion, connectedness and more in flow. When we experience low frequency emotions for example shame, guilt and fear etc, we experience contraction and a perception of separateness (fear is around 100Hz). We can focus on ways to support our development and therefore experience more elevated feelings and well-being. This gathering is a wonderful way to do this.

Two way communication

You can utilise this special location to raise your vibration with joy and gratitude, this adds significant potency to this unique place in Southwick Hall grounds. It’s a two way communication with the land/nourishing light that is available, and you. In other words it’s an energy exchange that builds exponentially, this is what I’ve noticed, it’s just beautiful!


We'll have homemade healthy treats, a selection of teas and filtered structured water in the cosy tea room. I will of course do my best to create a  sunny bright April afternoon for us all.

Photo by Nina Heaton -Water Gardens at Southwick Hall near Oundle

If we do have some rain this gathering will still go head, we’ll have our wet weather gear on and be very British about it! . But as I say, I very much plan for all events to have a beautiful weather window.

You won’t want to miss out on the energy of the place and what we can create together here!

Southwick Hall has lovely open spaces and lends itself to these beautiful events and gatherings. It has quite a special feel to the place, the mature trees, stream and nourishing energy feels very inviting

Southwick Hall is about 25 minutes by car from south Peterborough.

There are just 12 places available in total, if you'd like to attend you do need to book your place in advance for this special gathering, I won't be taking bookings on the day. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about this session 01733 236476 or email me

Southwick Hall Water Gardens Copyright Nina Heaton 2024

Terms & Conditions


£35 per person is required in advance, your space will be confirmed when payment is made. Please wait for confirmation.

Sorry no refunds (of course if I have to cancel , which is extremely rare, you will be refunded).


For adults only.


I'll need the email address and mobile number of each person when booking, for ease of communication (I never pass on personal information to third parties).


The session includes walking on uneven ground, and standing for periods of time, please only book this session if you are able to do that (do bring a folding chair for your comfort).


Payment means you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

I’m looking forward to holding this potent gathering in this very special place.

Love & connections


Recent Events

Joyful Connections PDF poster 4th Feb 2024.jpg

Joyful Connections February 2024 comments

"I just wanted to say how beautiful and joyous today was. Now home, I feel very calm, relaxed and happy."

"Thanks for a wonderful afternoon, it was amazing, I want more please!"

"Amazing session, thank you."

"Such a positive and uplifting afternoon. The place is really very special. Thank you so much."

"Joyful Connections at Southwick Hall...a magical always. Thank you Nina."

"Nina’s Joyful Connections gathering was so deeply connecting and healing. She held a very safe space that guided us to feel the vibrations and energy in the land. This is very special work and our beautiful planet is calling us."

Joyful Connections September 2023 Comments

"I wasn't entirely sure what to expect as I am relatively new to meditation but thoroughly enjoyed the session, I left feeling energised and even woke up the next morning with the same positive feeling. It felt like a special place where we were able to share our experience and make new connections. I will definitely be looking out for Nina's next event."

"Loved the energy session on Sunday. Afterwards I felt a lightness and a deep calm in the centre of my chest. I genuinely felt the vibrations in the room during the meditation, whereas normally I would struggle to concentrate and focus and keep still for that long."

"Totally enjoyed yesterday. I'm still feeling really relaxed and have lots of energy."

"I'm sure I am not alone in how we can get 'sucked' into our mobile phones, tablets, televisions e.t.c frankly become addicted. The simple, fun and gentle experience showed & gave me the reassurance that the real peace and beauty is readily available within ourselves and nature - a valuable reminder - thank you Nina & everyone else who attended our group session."

Joyful Connections.jpg

"Nice people, great energy."

"Had a wonderful relaxing couple of hours at Southwick Hall, filled with meditation and time in the woods to absorb the energies of this naturous space."

"Thank you Nina for a wonderful uplifting afternoon... feeling less stressed and will look forward to the next get together at this very special place."

Comments from Nourishment for the Soul event

“Thank you so much for the wonderful Nourishment for the Soul session yesterday. It certainly did what it says on the tin - I feel completely nourished and full of positive energy today, really believing that the impossible is possible.”

“It was lovely to see you on Sunday and be part of a beautiful and uplifting afternoon.
I felt a real sense of peace and serenity and loved the feeling of connection so thank you.  Your positive energy and inner light brought a contagious radiance!”

“Myself and my sister joined for the Nourishment of the Soul workshop on Sunday. We had such a lovely day and felt very relaxing and clearing. We learnt techniques to help us in our daily busy lives too. Nina is so welcoming and lovely we hadn’t met her before but made us feel very welcome. Thank you Nina.”

“How special it was to meet you yesterday. Thank you also for a very special afternoon in the peaceful surrounded gardens and trees of Southwick Hall ...and the sun shone on us all. I felt a lot of spiritual awareness around me.”           

“The session was great, thank you. I loved the stillness of the venue. I am feeling stronger and more capable.”

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