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Conscious Art

What Does Conscious Art Mean?

Nina explains "The actual painting experience feels like a download of information, it’s intense and yet there is a feeling of absolute presence and One-ness.” From there she sits with the painting, simply being until further insights and information are revealed. Then she embeds the image with the resonant frequency depending on the topic and information. This means from that point onwards the painting is activated, meaning viewers benefit individually in multiple ways, harmoniously adapting to a new level of being.

3 Ways To Experience Nina's Conscious Art

1. The most potent experience is during your Journey of Transformation  where a unique collaboration  happens between you, the Conscious Art and myself. A particular painting is used as a catalyst for transformation, depending on what you need in the moment.

2. If you'd like to own a Conscious Art painting, click here to choose from many inspirational designs. Each painting is embedded to give you constant vibrational support throughout the day.

3. My Blog is designed to be a type of gallery, I'll be sharing the Conscious Art weekly so you can, not only view the art for its beauty, but also use it as a tool for transforming the obstacles within you. Follow the Introductory level 5 Steps. It’ll be great for you to find out first-hand how this process can help you experience your true authentic Self.

5 Steps to Experiencng Nina's Conscious Art

Your own experience of the images will be unique to you. To benefit from the Conscious Art at the introductory level, view the image on the screen.

1. Allow yourself to be present if you need help with that, first listen to the Guided Meditations on the Resource page.

2. Choose a painting that draws you, and know this may change every time you visit the site. You don't need to know the reasons for your choice as your soul will know what you need in this present moment.

3. Observe the Conscious Art as you would a living being, as it has been embedded with consciousness just like you. When you connect with its consciousness this allows you to access the information embedded into the painting more easily

4. For at least 3 minutes, simply look at the colours, shapes and form while observing with a relaxed gaze. In this way, it’s like accepting a beautiful gift that is especially for you; in short, a willingness to receive.

5. Notice how you feel. What is different within you, both physically and emotionally? Have you felt your energy shifting? Is your mind calmer? What else do you notice?

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