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Super Hero

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

We are all being nudged to step up and acknowledge our unique skills and talents and to further explore and develop them. I may have written about this before, but I have been nudged to share new insights.

Let’s face it, we’ve never been taught to acknowledge how beautiful and unique our skills and talents are, or even how to nurture them. What tends to happen is, the skills are either taken for granted (because it often feels quite natural and normal and perhaps because of that aren’t explored further) or it seems they are completely overlooked and disregarded as anything special at all.

Love Love Love

These skills and talents I’m talking about often have to be pointed out to you by someone else. It’s often a ‘thing’ that you love to do, that you are passionate about, that lifts your vibration and takes very little effort. I don’t mean chilling out on the sofa eating chocolate, although I’m sure we’re all quite good at doing that in a unique way! I mean this beautiful presence of your Being that really shines and feels vibrant while you’re doing/being that aspect of you.

Super Hero Suit

a painting by Nina Heaton entitled Shine Your Light
Shine Your Light by Nina Heaton

You might have had a passing thought that when they were giving out the unique skills and talents along with the Super Hero Suits, that they ran out when it was your turn. That somehow you haven’t got any unique skills and talents and so compare yourself to others and then try to do something that is never going to work.

The image in my mind that is inspiring me to write this (go with it for a moment) is of someone physically trying to fit into someone else’s super hero suit. Squeezing into it, only to look extremely ‘not you at all’. You can’t try on anyone else’s suit, it won’t look right on you or feel right however much you try and make it work, it won’t be YOUR style. This is quite common, but very unhelpful for you and the other person. Being inspired by others is wonderful, but do take a moment to check in and see if you’re doing this pattern. No problem if you are, awareness is the first step towards change. Simply acknowledging it will be so helpful.

False Identification

Yes it might be tempting to see everyone around you having unique skills and talents and assume ‘I’m not that sort of person’ only ‘those’ sort of people have skills like that. This is false identification, it’s untrue, you’re doing yourself a HUGE disservice. Of course it may not be really obvious you’re doing this, it could be quite subtle but even if this resonates with you just a tiny bit, please do set aside time, journal about it, explore it, ponder it, as you do this gradually more information will surface or be presented to help you explore even further.

Decision Time

Nothing happens without a decision, decide to notice your skills and talents, decide to develop, explore and experiment, you will be supported in your journey because that’s what your Soul is here to do; to evolve and continue to evolve and enjoy the ride while you’re doing that. Dive into your uniqueness and celebrate it, the skills and talents you have, nobody else has! Your unique skills and talents are needed, there is no doubt you are a part of this beautiful cosmic jigsaw. You are needed to help create the whole stunning picture, to add your sound to the symphony, to splash your unique colour on the canvas, for your presence to touch other’s lives in some potent way.

Bigger Picture

From what I can see and feel, at the moment we are all shifting in vibration because the Earth is being flooded with energetic light (I don’t mean sunlight). There was a big shift at the Spring Equinox, then another at the Summer Solstice. Also an unexpected shift week beginning 17th July. As we approach the next few days leading into the end of July, there is a window of opportunity to connect even more than usual to our more spiritual side. The word ‘spiritual’ can have SO many different definitions. In this context I mean we can be guided more from within; our intuition/gut feeling, also the feeling of connection to nature, the connection to other people and the role we can play in this time. It’s like a door is being opened, we have easier access because the door is open! So be bold and brave, dig deep and endeavour to find your unique skills and talents, you are supported and cherished in every moment.


A good reminder that awareness is the first step towards change AND that NOW IS THE TIME to acknowledge your unique skills and talents because they need to be developed and explored to benefit you, those around you and the whole of humanity. If you’d like some help with transformation the blocks, emotional issues and limiting beliefs that are in the way of you doing this, you can book a Deep Dive 2 hr session, One Month Programme or 3 Month Programme. See my website for details

Disclaimer - All information in my videos, blogs, website, Conscious Art or anything I create is for information only. I do not diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease. Please refer to your healthcare practitioner for advice and change of foods/diet.

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