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Healing FAQs

What is the 3rd Dimension (3D)?

Humanity is experiencing a shift from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension. These Dimension aren’t a place but a state of consciousness.

Up until recently most of humanity experienced life based on old patterns, information, programmes and conditioning based on duality. This means fear, limitation, scarcity and lack were the norm. This is now changing.

Part of the old programming relates to the feeling of 'everything being separate from you', this is very misleading, it creates a feeling of loneliness and vulnerability. From this standpoint everything supports the notion that manifestation; creating what you'd like to experience in life, is a strain, struggle or experienced as considerable effort.

Forcing and controlling from this ‘fear state’ is common, and makes many or all aspects of life feel like hard work and overwhelming at times.

Being in this state of course creates limitation relating to decisions, intentions, plans, outlook on life, perception of what’s possible for yourself and humanity as a whole. All of this I’m shown is being in 3D reality/state of consciousness which we are gradually growing beyond. Your Journey of Transformation enables you to easily integrate these limiting beliefs and old habits and empowers you to discover who you really are.

What is the 5th Dimension (5D)?

It’s a relaxed yet dynamic state to experience life. There is no strain or effort needed to manifest and create, as from this standpoint we are co-creating with life. A feeling of ‘trusting life has your back’ makes for a much more abundant, creative and playful experience. 

Collaborations feel natural. We access information much more easily. People stop shying away from sharing their skills and gifts, leading to a more meaningful and fruitful enriched life, which of course benefits all. All of these are 5D qualities that we’ll experience more and more as we evolve.

When we choose to explore our inner landscape; meaning our thoughts, beliefs, how we see our self, programmes and conditionings, through self enquiry, we can and do transform old emotional responses, reactions, self sabotage, limiting beliefs and more. We start to raise our consciousness, we become more aligned with our true Self.

From these shifts, we start to experience life with more flow, connection sense of unity and deep peace within. We start to notice there is a ‘knowing’ that everything is connected and that there truly is no separation that we were once led to believe.

I’m shown that the more we shift from the old paradigm the more we experience the impossible (which is how it would feel from the 3D level of consciousness) being possible. The Nina Heaton Empowerment System is playing a vital role in your smooth and supported transformation, and for humanity.

What is spontaneous healing?

Spontaneous healing means a transformation takes place instantly, even though it may take a few minutes to ripple out to all levels of that person. This is a beautiful thing to witness, I’ve seen it many times when working with clients (you may experience this while using the Conscious Art).

We’ve all been conditioned to believe the body takes time to heal; in order for cells to regenerate a significant amount of time has to pass. Or perhaps an emotional state/trauma or even limiting belief/behaviour/perception of the world all takes time to change.

It can be true, sometimes there can be a process in which we are led to the next piece of information, situation or experience which builds a new reference point and/or meaning of reality (life).

Unfortunately the old conditionings which create limitation, are obstacles in the way of experiencing life differently. The more we transform the conditioning of the past, the easier it is to experience these spontaneous healings.

Some may call them miracles (an unexpected event or experience that is inexplicable by natural or scientific law) because  they seem rare. When you allow yourself to align with how you were designed to be and be open to experiencing life in a different way, you'll be able to experience spontaneous healings much more frequently. It's quite common to experience this during your Journey of Transformation.

How can I manifest things into my life more easily?

Big question but I’ll answer as much as possible here.

We are creating all of the time, but much of the time we create from limiting beliefs and conditioning from the past. Our upbringing, environment, parents, teachers and the media (to name a few) all have influence on how we perceive the world.

In order to manifest more effectively we need to integrate the self sabotage, limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviours, emotional reactions that act as stubborn obstacles in our way.

I mentioned earlier, that we’re taught that manifesting and creating what we desire takes lots of effort and strain. To create in this way is unsustainable, exhausting and disharmonious. It’s not how we were designed to experience life.

The integration of obstacles is covered in your Journey of Transformation. You’ll be introduced to effortless manifestation and learn how to take inspired action without it being draining or tiresome.

Once you’ve experience first-hand how effortless manifestation actually works, you’ll realise all this time you’ve been manifesting the hard way, usually using the mental and emotional levels which use up energy. When you’re aligned with your true Self, there is a feeling of relaxed action, it’s enjoyable not stressful. It’s led from within, you’ll start to see everything as a clue, cue or signpost to the next step. It’s really quite fun.

That’s when you experience this sense of flow with life, you start to create and sculpt your life but without strain.

What is the Unified Field?

I see and feel the Unified Field as a golden spheroid grid, like very fine netting which connects everything. It’s within this field of unity we experience our uniqueness (watch out for the Conscious Art painting entitled Uniqueness Within Unity). Like a rose, every individual structure of petal is different but it has just one flower head, just one function. So there is individuality within the Unity.

The benefits of tapping into the Unified Field is limitless. When we align to our true Self all information is easily available to us. It’s like connecting to an endless spiritual internet where all the nourishing, helpful information and energy is there for us all to experience.

This Unified Field is self intelligent, it acts as a facilitator or conduit for us to continue to experience more creativity and evolution.

How can I develop a quiet mind?

Using the Guided Meditations and the Conscious Art will assist you in your development in this area. The mind becoming calm and quieter is a natural benefit to experiencing your Journey of Transformation.

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