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The Nina Heaton Empowerment System

  • Nina Sees the Unseen within you, an ability she was born with and then spent over 30 years developing through her client work.

  • Nina is a 5D Translator as she is able to translate information held within a 5th dimensional structure into 3D information using visual imagery (learn more about 5D in FAQs)

  • Nina Teaches You to See the Unseen by helping you trust the information within your inner core being.

  • Nina Unravels what has been hiding your true essence to reveal your authentic self using a process of revelation and integration. This remarkable process is called the Journey of Transformation.

  • Nina Empowers You so you discover who you really are - the omnipotent magnificent soul being hidden within - free to continue your life's path in an authentic, soul led way.

How Does She Do This?

The Nina Heaton Empowerment System is based on a series of steps, but the actual implementation is completely unique to you.  In essence, the system follows 8 stages, each of which has no limitations:

1. Sacred Space - Nina establishes this for you before each session

2. Manifestation Plan - based on your free Discovery Session

3. Unification - this can provoke instantaneous healing

4. Journey of Transformation - the core part of the Nina Heaton Empowerment System which involves her unique method of healing

5. Development - Nina leads you with her unique intuitive guidance

6. Empowerment - Nina teaches you effortless manifestation

7. Expansion - as your awareness grows, Nina guides you to go beyond

8. Private Client Area - with self alignment sessions and insights

The Nina Heaton Empowerment System


" I feel light and happy, relaxed and settled. It's so good to feel confident and comfortable, I would even go to say carefree! "    Victoria

" Now I have a new lease of life, business and personal.... I got there thanks to Nina Heaton. "   Mike

" I live each day now with a sense of infinite possibility, an immeasurable freedom." Lizzie

Journey of Transformation

About The Journey of Transformation

This is a unique healing system that forms the key part of the Nina Heaton Empowerment System. Nina has created and refined this healing technique over 12 years. It is so powerful that instant healing can be achieved in just one session.

The Journey of Transformation takes you to places within yourself that you didn't realise existed. Nina unravels what has been hiding your true essence to reveal your authentic self.  Each revelation is in itself a transformative process but Nina takes this transformation to another level by integrating that which is revealed so it becomes part of you and your core essence.  It is this integration that makes the Journey of Transformation such a powerful life changing process. Your journey is further enhanced with Conscious Art that can be so transformative that just one exposure can provoke deep healing.

The Journey of Transformation enables you to be finally free of old habits and limiting beliefs.

The Nina Heaton Empowerment System: Benefits

Nina Heaton's Conscious Art

More Confidence : Less Doubt

Are you lacking in confidence? If so, this can affect all aspects of your life. The uncertainty within stops you enjoying your life to the full. It limits your view of what’s possible. Your Journey of Transformation will reveal the root cause of the doubt which Nina will enable you to integrate within yourself.  This allows your inner confidence to shine and opens the gateway to new opportunities.

Infinity Flower.jpg

More Contentment : Less Emptiness

Do you feel that there is something missing in your life?  Maybe you can't escape those empty feelings inside, as you can sense something is missing and there must be more to life. On your Journey of Transformation, Nina will show you how to connect to yourself and finally to feel peace and inner contentment. Life has more meaning, purpose and joyful satisfaction.

Nina Heaton's Conscious Art

More Love :
Less Loneliness

Do you struggle with relationships? When your heart is closed it can create distance or separation in relationships and you may feel lonely. You may judge yourself and be self critical. Moving beyond this is possible on the Journey of Transformation. A feeling of wholeness becomes normal and as a result you finally begin to experience self love. From here your relationships naturally improve and become more harmonious.

1:1 Online Programmes

All programmes are especially designed for you. Programme packages are explained fully in your free Discovery Session.

Deep Dive Session (2hrs)

1 Month Programme

3 Month Programme

"Nina has helped me grow within the 2 hour session and given me tools to continue growth in a light-hearted way. All hope was gone before the session - it really was, but it was restored as I felt positive change; having more energy and more peace of mind.


It feels like 'the search' is over. 


I know from my own personal story that there were things in the way and patterns of behaviour I don't believe I could have changed without this specific Deep Dive Session that Nina provides and for that I am very grateful". - S. Price

What's The Next Step?

Free Discovery Sessions are designed to create clarity about where you are now, where you want to be and how I can help you do that. Feel free to book your Discovery Session if you are genuinely interested in finding out more about how I can help you transform the obstacles in your way.

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