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Vitality Movement & Flow Video

Vitality Movement & Flow MP4

I've realised that the changes that are going on for many, require a direct and creative approach on the phyiscal level.

After tweaking and refining the series of movements, along with the tapping, I have put together a short video (around 13 minutes of movement which you can extend) especially designed for you to enjoy and use in a creative way.

It really is all about YOU! Anyone can adapt this video to their needs. You can use the video first thing in the morning to bump start your day or whenever you'd like to bring a fresh feeling to all levels of your being! Remember your intention is SO POWERFUL!

Vitality, Movement & Flow helps you to...

  •  Release stuck energy in the body

  •  Wake up the lymphatic system

  •  Clear Meridians (energy lines in the body

  •  Strengthen your aura

  •  Become present IN your body

Vitality Movement & Flow Video

As we all know every level of our being is interconnected, for example when we work on the physical it also helps our emotional balance, mental clarity and connection to our Self (I AM presence).


The Top 10 results from using the video so far (you'll find some more I'm sure of that)....

  1. Move along any grumpy feelings

  2. Useful support to help you into your I AM presence if you can't connect with your body

  3. Get back into flow with creativity

  4. lncrease energy and vitality in a grounded way

  5. Resets the nervous system to reduce the buzzy feeling

  6. Moving from weird stagnant/heavy/sludgy feeling to lighter & brighter!

  7. Clearer head

  8. Fresh revitalised feeling in the body

  9. More emotional balance/steadiness

  10. More positive outlook

The more creative you are using the video the more enjoyable it is!

It truly is a wonderful gift for yourself or given as a thoughtful gift.

Investment - £10 payment sent by bank transfer please.

Once payment is received you'll receive your MP4.

Transformational time we’re living in!

At the end of April (2024) I was guided to record a type of mini podcast straight after meditating one time. It was a powerful download of information, the meditation swiftly followed.

So many clients and people I hear about are feeling very confused about what they are experiencing physically and emotionally at the moment. Are you finding that too? Would you consider perhaps a different perspective on things?

This mini podcast and meditation will help give clarity about how to support yourself through this amazing and transformational time we’re living in! I trust you’ll find a useful nugget in here. When we know what’s going on, things are much easier to deal with. I’d suggest listening to the podcast first, then the Consenting to the Light Meditation, it’ll make more sense that way.

Please note, I do not give medical advice. Please contact your health care provider.

Mini Podcast - When we know what's going onNina Heaton
00:00 / 11:26
Consenting to the Light Meditation
Consenting to the Light MeditationNina Heaton
00:00 / 07:16

Suggestions from my own experience and what I’m finding works really well with clients


Seek out ways to create a pause regularly in your life.This may be putting something you do ‘on pause’ for a while to give you more space and help the body catch up. Use this pausing to restore and nourish yourself by:

  • Listening to Consenting to the Light Meditation regularly.

  • Using the Vitality Movement & Flow MP4 to help reset the nervous system (see above).

  • Consider booking a Deep Dive Session with me to transform key issues that are in your way, so you can move forward more easily.

  • Book on my Joyful Connections Event in August if you are local to Cambridgeshire. This session bathes you in beautiful energy and more.

  • Listening to my free recordings on Youtube.

  • Putting your feet up with a cuppa and read the helpful Blog topics.

  • Resting when you can, a 20 minute snooze can do wonders!

  • Taking a pause from the tech, social media etc and use that time to restore yourself, even if it’s a five minute meditation.

  • Walking in nature. If you can, find a tree and just sit and rest back on the trunk for a while. Notice the sounds, textures, colours, shapes and scent in the air. Feel the inhale and exhale. Notice how refreshing this is!

  • Being around moving water, the sea, rivers, waterfalls, streams or even fountains.

  • Drinking plenty of water, eating really nourishing foods, having plenty of sleep.

  • Listening to music or recordings of birdsong, anything that you find very relaxing and enriching.

  • Checking in with your inner dialogue and make sure it’s supportive and positive. Encouraging yourself like you would a dear friend!

Self Compassion is Key!

Time to be Free

Time to be Free

Vibrational Song

I wrote Time to be Free as a poem in 2019, and knew then it had to become a song. It was a beautiful experience collaborating with the talented artists who have helped bring the song to life.

Use the song with the video as supportive resource. If you feel a bit stuck, simply sit, allow yourself to feel the next few breaths, then listen and view Time to be Free. The song may reflect back to you the answers you need in that moment, helping you to move forward with greater freedom. No matter how many times you listen to the song, it is increasingly nourishing and uplifting (and can help you experience the Unified Field). Time to be Free can also support you during your Journey of Transformation

Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations

The recordings below are short guided meditations which help you connect with your body bringing clarity to all levels of your being. Each recording is embedded with frequencies (in a similar way to the Conscious Art) which help support you in multiple ways, and without limitation. This means you can use them over and over again and still experience great benefits.

The recordings can be used individually, or in sequence which lasts around 20 minutes. Enjoy them as a supportive resource. Sign up below for free Clarity Meditations.


Clarity No.1

Enjoy becoming present using the breath. This recording helps to soothe the nervous system and calm the mind.

lotus flower.jpg

Clarity No.2

Clarity No.2 helps you to easily connect with your body bringing a sense of wholeness and unity.


Clarity No.3

This recording helps you to connect with how you'd like to feel. It guides you to feel that shine, space and sense of self.

Sign-up for FREE Clarity Meditations

The recordings can be used individually, or in sequence which lasts around 20 minutes.

Enjoy them as a supportive resource.

Thank you for signing up for FREE Clarity Meditations.

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