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Joyful Connections

Recently I’ve been shown the importance of us coming together to create joyful connections and high intentions! Inspired by a beautiful woman I know, I’ve decide to create this informal and very relaxed session at Southwick Hall near Oundle ( Peterborough UK) on Sunday 24th September 1.30pm until 3.30pm.

Raise Vibration

We can rasie our vibration by becoming centred using the Self Alignment process. It's even more potent when we gather together!

Two Way


You can utilise this special location to raise your vibration with joy and gratitude, this adds significant potency to this unique place in Southwick Hall grounds. It’s a two way communication between the land/nourishing light that is available, and you. In other words it’s an energy exchange that builds exponentially, this is what I’ve noticed, it’s just beautiful!

For more information and booking click here

I'm very much looking forward to this session in the very special location!

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