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New Vibration Update 2023

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

In this blog I will be sharing my experience on the best ways to feel better while so much energy is shifting on so many levels. The purpose of writing these blogs is to assist anyone who needs a little nudge, practical tools or inspiration to shift perspective.

Magnificent Times

It truly is a special time to be experiencing life right now. But that can also mean it is rather challenging too. There are so many shifts going on which can feel a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what’s going on, or aren’t prepared to slightly alter your way of being.

So Much Light!

The huge solar flares can effect your energy levels, sleep pattern, emotional balance, mental state and so much more. There have been many solar flares recently, some people may feel the effect quite strongly, others only mildly. Since the Spring equinox on 21st March this year there has been so much extra light bathing the Earth which means it’s bathing you too, which is great for your personally development as it surfaces up ‘stuff’ that needs to be transformed (this is where I help clients find the confidence, clarity and wholeness within).


I did expect this time to be very ‘revealing’ but I hadn’t quite expected how intense people are finding it because of how frequent the amount of light is coming in. It feels the perfect time to look at how the tools directly help you during this beautiful yet challenging time.


Many people are experiencing a feeling of complete exhaustion then they feel ok for a few days then fatigued again. Others may have surges of emotion rising or old emotions surfacing that need to be dealt with. Mental clarity may be effected too, or perhaps you feel discombobulated for no apparent reason. Another type of experience is a very buzzy feeling, not quite stress but type of adrenaline sensation. I do feel this is the nervous system adjusting to the amount of light.

Pace Change?

Nina Heaton's painting
Uniqueness Within Unity painting by Nina Heaton

Pushing yourself and going at the usual pace during this is unhelpful in my experience, it just puts way too much strain on the body. The body is adjusting very gradually and incrementally and needs as much support as possible. Here are my recommendations.

  1. First comes the invitation to allow everything to be as it is just for now. This allows space for acceptance of the situation AND self acceptance. Know that this intense shifting is a passing phase. Resistance only creates more tension and more stress.

  2. The space that acceptance creates then can be used for you to demonstrate more self compassionate than ever before! Stop berating yourself about not being able to do things at the usual speed or quantity. Do what you can and then rest when you can.

  3. I highly suggest you read my blog on Why Earthing Is Good For Health, bare feet on the grass/earth for as long as possible.

  4. Drink lots of pure water, this helps the body process and clear out the toxins which may be ready to be released now. Read my blog You & Structured Water.

  5. GREEN GREEN GREEN, eat really well with lots of leaf greens, again to support your body, you may already feel like eating different foods to usual, just go with it. Read my blog on Anti Stress Green Smoothie.

  6. Use your breath to help calm your busy mind, read my blog Breathing Technique for Relaxation.

  7. Gentle exercise is good to increase your circulation (and lifts your mood if needed), walking in nature is a great remedy, it helps you reconnect with yourself.

  8. You may feel a bit lost or directionless, use my guided meditations as a means of support is very useful. I recommend my ‘Meditations for...’ on Youtube. These help you to reconnect with your SELF which is vital for well-being and is a starting point for creating confidence, clarity and the wholeness within.


The easy tips in this blog will help you to deal with many of the shifts that are going on. We all need a little help from time to time, so I trust this blog helps you in some way.

If you feel that you’d like assistance with transforming old limiting patterns of behaviour or issues from the past, feel free to contact me to book in for a free Discovery Session online. In this 45 minute session we chat about where you are now, where you want t be and how I can help you get there.

Click here for free Clarity Meditations.

Disclaimer - All information in my videos, blogs, website, Conscious Art or anything I create is for information only. I do not diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease. Please refer to your healthcare practitioner for advice and change of foods/diet.

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