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Anti Stress Green Smoothie

Want a quick anti stress smoothie recipe? I thought I’d share my version of a green smoothie because it’s delicious and it helps your body and mind.

Self Care

Eating and drinking nourishing foods, smoothies, juicing along with fresh herbs is a beautiful way to care for yourself, it’s a loving thing to do, it nurtures you. It helps your system to cope with the multiple tasks it is constantly dealing with, most of which are beyond your conscious awareness.

Ignoring The Hints

We ignore many of the hints we’re shown by the body, like not drinking enough water. It’s quite common, just out of habit to only take action when the body is screaming at us via muscle pain, or anything really that gets our attention because the subtle hints didn’t work! But that’s ok, we can change that by simply making a decision to notice and take action as soon as we notice a subtle hint.


When you feel your stress rising there armany things you can do to support yourself and reduce the symptoms, one of them being eat something green. Do have a look at the other blogs I’ve written which give practical suggestions which help on physical, emotional and mental levels.


Part of my own journey has been about exploring what foods work for me now. I tend to avoid gluten now, rarely eat refined sugar (but have lots of delicious alternatives from the book Easy Tasty Healthy by Barbara Cousins which I can highly recommend). Only a little bit of dairy now and again and just go with what my body wants, if it’s veggie, or some fish or chicken. I've been nudged to juice more and include fresh herbs with that ( coriander, Sage and Basil). I find it works best for me to tune in to what the body wants rather than coming from the head dictating what I 'should' be eating/drinking etc, using body dowsing (another blog to write!) I simply hand over to my bodies innate intelligence.

You Are The Guru

What do you find now works for you? Do you notice you have more energy and vitality if you avoid certain foods, or eat more of certain foods your body likes now?

I’m not a nutritionist so I don’t give advice, but I’m simply sharing my experience on how green foods can help the body and mind. Without getting too technical green foods are packed full of nutrients which really helps reduce stress. Particularly leafy greens as they contain magnesium which can help to reduce inflammation, the body doesn’t like to have to get inflamed. Magnesium helps to metabolise cortisol which then helps to relax the body, which means your mind can start to calm down too! You find what works for you and play around with the recipe depending on your individual needs.

My Favourite Smoothie

This mild and creamy green smoothie is quick and easy to make and packed full of nutrients.

300ml Almond Milk /cashew milk( add extra ground almonds if you like too) Good for reducing brain fatigue which can contribute towards low energy, low concentration and anxiety.

1 small banana – for potassium and magnesium.

BIG handful of washed organic spinach (or more if you like) leafy greens contain vitamins A,B6,C,E and K and calcium and folate.

Orange juice - if you like – the obvious vitamin C boost, as the Liver can’t store Vitamin C because it’s water soluble it good to take in regularly.

2 soaked dried dates if you prefer a sweeter smoothie.

½ avocado – contains B6, neurotransmitter serotonin helping to stabalise mood and also magnesium which helps regulate the stress response.

Photo of Nina's Green Smoothie Copyright 2023 Nina Heaton
Nina Heaton's Green Smoothie

Chuck it all in a blender until the texture is smooth, you can add water if it's too thick. This makes around 2 glasses. It is a sustaining smoothie and keeps you full for quite a while, as you have the protein so slow the sugars down, all that lovely green and the avocado which gives the creamy texture. You could add all sorts of things, coconut milk/cream, fresh mango, left over steamed greens, chlorella powder (that’ll make it super green coloured) which helps remove heavy metals from the body. See what works for you.

When you feel your stress rising there are many things you can do to support yourself and reduce the symptoms, one of them being g

Disclaimer - All information in my videos, blogs, website, Conscious Art or anything I create is for information only. I am not a nutritionist and do not give nutritional advice. The information here is is only a rough guide to nutritional information for each ingredient, please research further for yourself and your indivdual needs. I do not diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease. Please refer to your healthcare practitioner for advice and change of foods/diet.

Copyright © 2023 Nina Heaton, All rights reserved for my blogs, videos, Conscious Art, online sessions, Light Transmission Healing, Self Alignment or anything I create.

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