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Conscious Art Healing Blog

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

By using the Conscious Art I have created, you can experience more of your true authentic self. Welcome to my Blog.

My background is in online personal and professional coaching, and holistic therapies (energy work). I now run 1:1 programmes online empowering people to find the confidence, clarity and wholeness within. During the interactive sessions clients transform sometimes life-long beliefs and behaviours into freedom.

Powerful Creation

I have created the Nina Heaton Empowerment System, healing the unseen - obstacles within you and the seen – using Conscious Art (embedded with frequencies) enabling complete integration and healing. The Journey of Transformation process is unique and liberating, the 8 stages include, interactive healing, self development, empowerment and expansion.

I love What I Do & Do What I Love

My own personal experience of perceived limitations and obstacles in life have been invaluable in helping me to help others. I find it the most wonderful, joyful experience to enable people to embody their true potential.

Nina Heaton in garden
Nina Heaton

Sharing Through Inspiration

My Blog is designed to be a type of gallery, I'll be sharing the Conscious Art weekly so you can, not only view the art for its beauty, but also use it as a tool for transforming the obstacles within you. Follow theIntroductory level 5 Steps. It’ll be great for you to find out first-hand how I can help you experience your true authentic Self.

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