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Monday Musings

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Comfort Zone

I’ve met many people from all different walks of life along the way. Such rich diverse interests, views and backgrounds. One thing they/we all have in common is, we all have something valuable to share. Like a beautiful tapestry all the threads add to the design. When there is SO much skill and knowledge within us all, do we allow ourselves to step out of the comfort zone and actually dare to create something and share it to benefit others?

Nourishing and Supportive

I’m not talking about a party trick on Tic Tock. What I’m musing about here is...what would the world be like if we were to share the skills and knowledge we take for granted? Those skills that are creative, uplifting, nourishing and supportive for growth and development, or even just because it’s fun and joyful to be playful. YouTube certainly has it’s place, but I wonder what we could create where it’s in real time.

Hidden Away

I appreciate some skills are hidden away and not necessarily used in our main job or career until there is time to explore and play with the ideas and concepts. Perhaps there is a perception of risk being involved here, or some sort of fear that we might be vulnerable for a while.

Dare To Dream

Moving beyond what’s in the way, if you could leave the ‘how’ out of the equation for a while, what would you love to share? What would you dream of creating for the pure experience and joy of creating, and for it to benefit others?

Opening Up

Painting by Nina Heaton
Uniqueness Within Unity

Asking ourselves open questions helps to get the ball rolling, what, when, why, where? How can you be even more creative and share your skills and knowledge in a new and creative way?

Right Brain

Allowing ourselves to daydream often brings a new approach because we’re using the right brain to think in a more abstract way. Thoughts, ideas, designs and concepts start to form when we let go, and gives that side of us free rein to roam around and ponder the possibilities. This can’t be rushed. I recommend you have a musing session when you next have some time off, even making time in your diary to simply ‘be’ and ponder ‘stuff’ is invaluable.


Could we share more to benefit others just because we can? How can we all do this in a small way or HUGE way to make a difference? What would happen if we were to collaborate more with our creativity? I’ll certainly be exploring this more.


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