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Spiritual Declutter

Benefitting your energy levels, releasing from the old, creating space for the new, enhanced mental clarity, just from clutter clearing your home! I explain here why it can be a spiritual practice and how the benefits outweigh the effort.

What’s the Big Deal?

First of all what is clutter clearing? For me it’s a huge opportunity to update the environment so it reflects who I am now. We are all constantly growing and changing, but quite often we don’t realise how important it is to clear the space around us so it is current and in alignment with what we want to create now. Of course it could be done as just a practical thing to do, but what I’m suggesting here is that you firstly become aware of the space, and secondly have a clear intention to create a higher vibration in your home and therefore yourself.

Blind To It

If you’ve lived in the same place for a while it’s quite easy to become sort of blind to the environment, which means you need to consciously decide to look at every room with fresh eyes. Draws, cupboards, wardrobes, your home office all start to collect paper work, old items that are broken, misfiled items, and ‘stuff’ that is out of date and holds old energy, quite often much of it is irrelevant to who you are now.

As Within So Without

You may have heard of the spiritual saying “As within So Without.” Put simply it means your internal landscape is a reflection of your external landscape. Quite literally when you start to clutter clear the space around you it has huge positive impact on your life. Even if you’re not familiar with Feng Shui, you’ll feel so much better having let go of the ‘stuff’ which is quite possibly blocking your energy, flow and abundance.

Purge Vs Pace

I have heard of many people who dive in with such vigour and clutter clear their home (with or without a higher intention) within a day or so. The result being they feel out of sorts for a while, a bit emotional or imbalanced, or they end up having a cold (as a form of toxins releasing in physical form). I’ve seen it many times, too many times for it to be coincidence. The cause being, they’ve purged SO quickly and deeply that such intensive clutter clearing was just a little bit too much. The best way is to pace yourself, spend a couple weeks for the whole process, doing one room at a time. Although the space might be a mess for a short time, it’s a more gentle yet thorough approach to making the changes, without it being too much for you.

Intention As You Let It Go

Consciously deciding to let things go and intending for that to be a type of healing for all levels of your being, is a beautiful and loving thing to do for yourself. Of course you know best what needs to change/be healed etc. I suggest you do ALL of it with firm intention “With harmonious adaptation to change, for my highest good I let go of this, I let go of everything that is keeping me in the past or is blocking my future.” Or use your own wording, it’s much more powerful to use positive words or phrases in your affirmation.

Glorious Benefits

Oh where to start with sharing the benefits! Firstly it’s a truly unique experience for each person, but in general here are some reasons why I recommend it.

Abundance In Flow
Abundance In Flow
  • Clear spaces enhance your mental clarity.

  • You feel lighter and brighter and energy levels may increase.

  • Clearing creates a vacuum, new things/opportunities come into your life.

  • Releasing from the old feels joyful and uplifting.

  • It’s an opportunity to see with fresh eyes what you like now.

  • The process supports who you are becoming.

Also consider giving rooms a fresh lick of paint and a deep clean to enhance the results even more.


  1. First of all be realistic with how much time you have, it’s a good idea to start gently, say an hour, then commit to that. Use a timer if that helps you stay focussed.

  2. Put on some great uplifting music, this helps to keep you going!

  3. Have four large boxes ready and label them, Recycling, Charity/give away, Shredding for paperwork and the last one labelled with a question mark. If you’re really really unsure about what to do with the item, you can put in the question mark box. Then perhaps a friend can go through it with you.

  4. Start wherever your drawn, empty the cupboard/draw first, then ONLY put back that which supports who you are now and who you aree becoming.

  5. If you get a bit stuck, ask yourself supportive questions like “How does this really reflect who I am now?” “Do I really want it, love it, need it?” “Would it benefit me to give this away?” “Hoes it support who I am becoming?”

  6. As you place the items in the boxes, you could say your affirmation in a joyful positive tone. Feel how good it is to let go and create space!

  7. You may find some things need to be kept somewhere more practical, if so action that straight away. This way gradually your home will become clearer and more practical to live in.

  8. You can energetically clear the space by burning white sage when you’ve finished the clutter clearing. Do note it has quite a strong aroma and becomes very smoky, it’s well known for its cleansing properties.

Next Phase

Perhaps when you’re ready for the next phase, your computer files, emails, photos, your phone or any device would probably benefit too from a good clutter clearing.

Congratulate Yourself!

I mean it! It takes time, a little effort and some courage to let go of things, so do acknowledge how far you’ve come by letting go of the ‘stuff’. By acknowledging where you’re at now, having done the Spiritual Declutter, it can help you get a feel for what direction you’re going in next, with a fresh space, fresh energy now flowing and a new fresh perspective. OOoooOOh it feels good!


Having read my take on Spiritual Declutter, including things to consider, affirmations to create and Top Tips, you’ll find it so much easier to motivate yourself and directly experience the benefits for yourself.

For more supportive resources sign up here for free Clarity Meditations.

Disclaimer – I’m sharing this blog, all videos, Conscious Art, website content for information purposes only. I do not diagnose, treat or cure any disease or disorder. Please refer to your healthcare practitioner for advice.

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