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Feeling Tired And Drained?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Protecting Your Energetic Field?

The cause of feeling tired and drained may not be down to the usual things we would first look at. What if a simple awareness exercise could change how you experience your vitality, mental clarity and energy levels? I’ll explain in this Blog what your energy field is and how you can make a huge positive impact on your life by using the painting Diamond Bright and your presence.

What Is Your Personal Energetic field?

In short, energy centres in the body called Chakras (which ascend the spine) radiate electromagnetic energy into the space around you called the ‘aura’ or auric field. It has a spheroid shape or egg shape and contains translucent colours which radiate from each Chakra. This is your personal energetic field, some people have the ability to visibly see these layers of the aura.

Food For Thought

Lack of exercise, poor access to day light, low quality food, low water intake, medication, air pollution, stress, unresolved emotions/limiting beliefs and behaviours (click here for more info on the stress/emotional element) could be making you feel tired and drained. Most people know that by now, but one thing people often overlook is how their energy field is being effected by their environment; the people around them.

Caring And Sharing

If we break it down into simple terms, there are 4 main ways in which energy is being depleted. The person who is experiencing this is either:

  • Unconsciously giving energy away - eventually you will realise.

  • Consciously giving energy away - you don’t realise the impact it has on your health.

  • Unconsciously having energy drained - they will eventually realise.

  • Consciously having energy drained - but don’t know what to do about it.

From my own personal experience, I know this has a very negative impact on all levels of the body. Many years ago when I started out, body massage was quite a big part of my work. My willingness to help clients feel better meant I was like an open supermarket where clients could help themselves to my own personal energy. I was so good at sharing I didn’t realise that it was having such an impact on my well-being.

Happy Clients Exhausted Therapist

I thought caring for clients and people around me meant sharing my own energy, until it got to the point where I was so tired all the time. It was a harsh lesson but I’m grateful for the experience. I had to do something about it, so I did my research and decided to learn Reiki healing. After a few months it became evident that the protection process I’d learnt and use of Universal Life Force instead of my own energy, was making a huge difference to my energy levels. I felt bright and clear and the spring in my step returned. I was so impressed with this, I went through all the levels and eventually became a Reiki Master.

Rarely Intentional

Just to point out here, it’s very very rare that people intentional drain energy from another. Much of the time the person is just simply depleted, they maybe on medication, or have a negative outlook on life due to their experiences, or even have experienced deep trauma, all of which can be transformed (learn more here). Or it could be that they feel very insecure or have physical issues going on. At a higher level they forget they too have access to Divine light to bolster their own aura/ being.

Protection Often Misunderstood

People can often think when you’re protecting your energy field that you are creating a big barrier, like some sort of dissociation or disconnection. Or perhaps are looking at everyone as a source of being drained. That’s not how I would suggest your approach it at all. The protection is there so you can continue to shine. Love and light still flows in and out (if you block energy flowing in and out you’ll feel unwell) it simply just stops anything draining you. It’s a very positive thing to do for yourself. You gain such self awareness in this process of learning and experience first-hand that you have choice in how you use your energy, how liberating is that?!

Painting embedded with healing Frequency
Diamond Bright - Conscious Art

Energetic Protection Exercise

  1. Start your day with this exercise. Notice the next few natural breaths, really feel inhale and exhale.

  2. Let the next breath wash over your entire body.

  3. Put your hand on your chest and think of 3 things you are grateful for. Take a moment to really feel it! This opens the field of the heart.

  4. What colour represents protection for your today? Pretend you can pulse that colour into your body.

  5. Now pulse that colour beyond your body into the space around you by about 3-4 foot. It goes above your head, to sides front and back and underneath your feet.

  6. The Diamond Bright painting is embedded with protection frequencies ( click here to discover more) With a soft gaze for a few minutes look at the painting and connect with the painting as you would with a dear friend.

  7. Finally set intention to seal in your aura so that nothing can drain your energy. That’s it! You have claimed your space while knowing beautiful energy can nourish you by flowing in and out.

  8. As the days goes on notice the difference. Do this every day and continue to enjoy your own energy with the shine and clarity it now has.

As a support, if you wish to own a version of Diamond Bright, you can choose from many designs here.


Now you know why it’s critical to have a daily routine for energetic protection and what positive impact that has, not only for your energy levels but your whole well-being. How great is that?

Copyright 2022 Nina Heaton

Disclaimer - The information I have written does not treat, diagnose or cure any illness or condition. Please refer to your healthcare practitioner for medical advice.

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