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How to Find The Stillness Within

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Creativity Can Lead The Way

This blog explains how creativity can lead you to the stillness within. You may not have experienced meditation, or perhaps it doesn’t really work for you. Traditional meditation isn’t the only way to connect to yourself and experience the stillness, it’s one way but not the only way.

Stillness? What Stillness?

The pace of life can be quite full on and may even appear that there isn’t any stillness to be experienced apart from sleeping. With all the commitments, ‘To Do Lists’ and masterful juggling, we can be under the impression that there is only value in ‘action’, that the habit of being super busy is nourishing enough. What can be completely undervalued is the basic need to be still, to find the peace within.

90 Miles An hour

You could argue that there really isn’t any time to be still, there is simply way too much to do! Or maybe it feels too self indulgent to be still, or perhaps guilt may try to creep in. We avoid stillness sometimes because it means we can’t block out the chatter with busyness, the negative and limiting stories the mind loves to convince us are true. The truth is there is often a way to find half an hour or so to be nourished in the stillness.

Junk Thoughts

Just like junk food, I feel there are junk thoughts. What do I mean? I use this term because it explains clearly how unhelpful they are. Junk thoughts basically lack nourishment of any kind and don’t support us in any way. They are random and appear from nowhere, or so it seems. We forget sometimes that the collective consciousness means sometimes we are just picking up on thoughts (mainly fear based) that aren’t entirely our own, we have others thoughts impressed upon us (that’s why it’s important to stay grounded and protect your own energetic field, see earlier Blog Feeling Tired and Drained).

What Is The Stillness?

It can be many different things to many people, it truly is an individual experience. Working with clients over the years, many people would say, it’s a sense of profound peace, a way to access such deep nourishment, for some it’s a feeling of deep connection to everything, a sweet calmness, often beyond words really. Also there is a sense of emotional balance and

varying degrees of relaxation is of course experienced as a result, may be even being in a more flow state.

Blossoming Heart available from Redbubble Nina Heaton
Blossoming Heart

Where is It?

I sense the origin being deep within the field of the heart, I have no hard evidence to share here on the actual physical location, but I know we all have access to the stillness, even if it has been illusive for you so far. I know you can access it too.


I’ve found for many people, using creativity to lead them to the stillness is a really useful, and practical way to explore. I use the word creativity because it can be a range of things, here are a few examples.

Nature Mandala, created with a friend.
  • Colouring book - don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, this feels playful and even reminiscent of childhood. Just colouring because you can.

  • Natural Mandala - meaning ‘circle’ a geometric design which can be made out of flower heads, leaves, stone, crystals, twigs, berries etc) helps you to find the peace within the symmetrical shape and design (you can roughly see the design in the photo).

  • Chalk on a board – playful designs or random shapes, it’s entirely up to you.

  • Using Sound – Either using your voice with the scales ( Do, Re, Me, So, Fa, La, Ti, Do) or a musical instrument/ cardboard box for a drum sound. Be imaginative.

Top Tips

  • Start from your intention to find the stillness within. “I am finding the stillness within.” This is a helpful affirmation, said in the present tense.

  • Give yourself permission to be now, fully present in the experience and fully feeling your body.

  • Go with your intuition, there are no set rules here, be playful and allow yourself to ‘physically feel’ the textures, see the colours if you’re creating something art based.

  • Hear the sounds even if it’s out of tune, sing or make sounds for a while then pause and close your eyes and listen and feel the stillness within.

  • As you start to wind down, and in a way choose to lose yourself in the creative moment, the calmness may start to greet you. Notice your quiet mind and calm body, whichever form of creativity you choose, when you feel ready to, close your eyes and feel the stillness from within and just stay there in that state.

For more supportive resources sign up here for free Clarity Meditations.


Using creativity can lead you to the stillness within, it may not be something you’ve considered before now, but it’s certain worth the experience. The Top Tips help guide you and make it a unique exploration for you.

Disclaimer – I’m sharing this blog, all videos, Conscious Art, website content for information purposes only. I do not diagnose, treat or cure any disease or disorder. Please refer to your healthcare practitioner for advice.

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