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How to Shine Your Light

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

It's Easy To Say!

“Oh just shine your light.” But what does it actually mean? What’s the point in doing this consciously? And where do you start? Read on and I’ll show you.

What Does Shine Your Light Mean?

To me it means expressing your Unique Vibrational Signature easily and with confidence. We each have our individual vibration, a unique energetic code, if you like. This is part of the Unified Field; the invisible structure that pervades everything. Included in this unique expression of authenticity, is the ability for you to share your beautiful skills and gifts, even if you aren’t aware of them yet, hide them away or invalidate them (which is often the case).

Slippery Fish!

We’ve been strongly conditioned and programmed to entertain limiting thoughts and beliefs as being true, these unfortunately turn into behaviours/emotional reactions, all of which distort our perception of the world (and what’s possible). It’s likely wherever you are on your journey of life, that there are still some internal obstacles that prove to be very tricky to overcome, and like a slippery fish, you can’t quite get hold of them (or sometimes you don’t even know they are there). Learn more about how you can integrate these with the Nina Heaton Empowerment System.

Risky Business

We are being strongly encouraged now to step up and to take what seems like a risk, and share as creatively as possible, the skills and gifts that are already within us. I say we...that includes YOU! This encouragement is often experienced in the form of prompts that are subtle, maybe a gut feeling, or a visual image or something with symbolic significance for you. This happens to help you wake up to what your soul wants; it wants to explore and express! When these prompts are ignored they tend to shout rather loudly and become more obvious.

What's in it for you?

We are all supported in every moment, although it may not seem so sometimes. When we step up and consciously decide to make a change, we are greeted with even more support, guidance, opportunities to let go, develop and create. YOU make the first move, get those wheels turning and the momentum will start to flow! Life wants to move through you, that's why you kept having the prompts.

Optimum Conditions To Grow

When you cultivate the right conditions within you and start to change the internal landscape and align with your authenticity, life starts to become effortless, yes you take action but it’s without strain. That’s how we were designed to be, ever growing and creating whilst in the flow; this invisible momentum that is so highly intelligent.

Start With A Conscious Decision

Nothing truly changes without making a conscious decision. What will you decide? Will you decide to experience your unique expression of authenticity? Or perhaps you’d like to express your skills and gifts within the world more directly? The Conscious Art painting, Shine Your Light can be used as an inspirational energetic template, activator or facilitator, in others words, a supportive resource for your decision. Grab this opportunity!

Conscious Art

I experience informational downloads which then takes form in a painting, then I’m able to embed them with frequencies. This means the paintings are activated and have, just like a person, consciousness. The paintings are highly intelligent and although usually have one main theme, they adapt to the needs of the viewer in that moment. The benefits are harmonious (in balance with everything) and are truly limitless.

Support Your Decision By Using Shine Your Light

  1. Make a decision to become present and feel your in breath and out breath.

  2. Observe Shine Your Light as you would a living being, as it has been embedded with consciousness just like you. When you connect with its consciousness this allows you to access the information embedded into the painting more easily.

  3. For at least 3 minutes, simply look at the colours, shapes and form while observing with a relaxed gaze. In this way, it’s like accepting a beautiful gift that is especially for you; in short, a willingness to receive.


You are being strongly encouraged to shine your light. Knowing there is support to help you along your journey is useful, practical, not to mention comforting. And it’s here right now in the form of this Blog and this Conscious Art. This energetic template is so easily accessible for you.

If you’d like to own a Conscious Art painting including Shine Your Light, click here to discover wall art and many other designs. The frequencies are held within the image no matter which design you choose.

Copyright 2022 Nina Heaton

Disclaimer - All information in my videos, blogs, website, Conscious Art or anything I create is for information only. I do not diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease. Please refer to your healthcare practitioner for advice.

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