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Rooting Down for 2023

I’ll be sharing insights about the beautiful Base Chakra and using the relating elements to help you connect to self healing, self awareness and self enquiry. Why is this SO important for your development? Because feeling grounded and rooting down helps you to have the vital foundations to grow and explore so you can go beyond the perceived limitations and effortlessly.

Continued Theme

I’m writing this blog the first week in January 2023. Having seen such busyness and tension in the shoppers of pre-Christmas it seemed obvious to follow on from the last few blogs Why Earthing Is Good for Health and Forest Bathing.


When the world feels too chaotic and you feel all over the place (any time of year and for whatever reason) it probably means you need to root down to stabilise yourself. Sometimes we feel the overwhelm from the Collective Consciousness. What does that mean? We’re all connected, when we are overloaded with the news in the media which is usually fear based, drama, information, stress, emotional challenges not to mention the effects of the physical environment there is just too much stimulation for the nervous system.

Have You Noticed?

Particularly in December with all the extra thing to do, festive socialising, late nights and early morning all takes its toll. The body will be giving you some clues, signs and nudges along the way, maybe at the time (that you possibly didn't notice) or it may feel a bit delayed so you maybe feeling the unsteadiness now. I highly recommend you respond to the nudges from your body and take action, this way the unsteady feeling gets nipped in the bud. How? You take charge and do something usually quite simple, to change something to help yourself. This is self healing, healing and self enquiry doesn't have to be complex or laborious. Often the most simple methods are the most effective.

The Bigger Picture

Over the last few years there have been many nudges for humanity to raise the vibration and evolve beyond what has been. We’re still in it, it’s an ongoing thing. More than ever we need to really root down to feel that stable security from within rather than looking outside for the security. It already exists within us, it’s just that we’ve been taught that it’s ‘out there’ somewhere. But in my experience, it really is within, it’s just that we need to dig down a bit to find it.

Focus On The Base

One easy way to feel into the steadfast quality we have is to use the Base Chakra as a tool to help. The Base Chakra is an energy centre which connects to the base of the spine. It is located between the perineum and genital area, it’s our ‘seat’ and connection to rooting down. Here are some key points about the Base Chakra that are useful to know and are supportive to experience.

Nina Heaton's acrylic painting 'Centre'.

Supportive to this Chakra

  • The colour Red - wearing red can be supportive.

  • This Chakra relates to - the feeling of security, money, home, work and our physical body and physical world.

  • There is a frequency - of sound which resonates at the pitch of Low C (as in DO, Rei,Mi). You can follow the scales singing to support the Base Chakra (see earlier blog Self Healing With Your Voice).

  • It relates to - Your Right To Be Here and Now. You can turn this into an affirmation “I Am fully present here and now.” Or “I Am immersed in abundance.”

  • Massage - the sense of touch is very healing, any type of massage is very helpful as you feel the physical sensation and the long list of health benefits.

  • Hatha Yoga - there are many styles of yoga, I feel there is at least one style to suit every individual. Hatha yoga will be taught differently from teacher to teacher, find a style which resonates with you.

  • Physical activity - such as gardening, Zumba, dance of all kinds, aerobic exercise, basically exercise that you enjoy which that increases your heart rate and encourages you to breathe more deeply. This brings you into your physical body so you can connect even more deeply.

  • Meditation for Walking on Youtube - this video is a guided meditation which helps you to really feel your body and inhabit your body fully AND become present using your senses. You can either use the video to guide you or create version for yourself where you take each sense (see, hear, touch, taste, smell) and focus on each element in the moment. Click the link Feel free to 'like', comment and subscribe.

Finding the Strength

When we use simple tools to support our well-being it makes a huge difference, directly because of the physical experience but also on a spiritual level as you start to remember there is guidance within waiting to be heard and noticed. When you meditate or just even walk in nature with a calm quiet mind, you'll start to notice the inner guidance to steady yourself, to find your still quiet centre. This is your anchor. This is YOU.


The practical information in this blog will help you to make simple changes which will support you on SO many levels.

For more support click or free Clarity Meditations. - Empowerment Intuitive - If you experience lack of confidence, clarity and would like to feel deep connection and wholeness within yourself, feel free to book your Discovery Session. This free session helps you to discover where you are now, where you want to be and how I can help you get there.

Disclaimer - All information in my videos, blogs, website, Conscious Art or anything I create is for information only. I do not diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease. Please refer to your healthcare practitioner for advice.

Copyright Nina Heaton 2023

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