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Why Earthing Is Good For Health

What does it mean? What are the benefits and how do you ‘Earth yourself?’ This blog will help remind you of the importance of Earthing yourself and why is so good for your health. Including information about how to improve your well being with quick and easy tips that are practical to use.

Modern World

Much of the time in this modern world, we walk on pavements and wear shoes the majority of the time. We spend so much time around electrical devices; the mobile phones, tablets and computers etc. All this does have an effect on the physical body, and because we understand nothing is separate, this has an effect on mental clarity and general well-being.


Technology creates static build up from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the body. It creates incoherence within the body, creating a discord or disorganised type of feeling in the body (the opposite being, harmony, coherent organised energy, this is when we feel really well). That’s the best way I can describe it. You’ve probably felt it yourself without realising what the cause is. Perhaps if you have a stressful job and work on a computer, you may have put the unease down to the projects in hand and not necessarily linked it to the EMFs or the quantity of time you’re spending on tech.


It’s worth considering this angle because it could make a marked difference to your well-being....or not. But that’s the point, to explore and find out what works for your body the best. I know I feel much more in harmony and flow when I have balance time between computer work and being in nature, gardening (with my hands in the soil) and of course a big of tree hugging ( maybe that’s for another blog).

It Feels Good

In the Summer I walk bare foot most of the time in the garden and around the house, I like feeling the different textures of the ground, even if I do the silly oh-ow dance walking over pebbles! Yep the skin gets dry and hardened slightly, but I just know it feels good, without any studies to back it up.

Take The Hint

The body has inner wisdom which we often ignore. I must admit I ignore the nudge to walk bare foot sometimes, usually when it freezing cold outside. Right now it’s -3 degrees outside, but as I’m writing this I realise my body is calling for it, so I will be going bare foot today.... in the cold (thank you body, hint taken). All I have to do is approach it from a different angle. In truth it will feel refreshing, feet on frosty grass, embracing the feeling AND knowing just 15 minutes of this magical Earthing is all that is needed to make the difference. I don’t have to travel anywhere, or make any effort at all, it’s just bare feet on the Earth in the garden. Pretty basic really.

Acrylic painting by Nina Heaton

Why does it feel SO good?

There are lots of studies that you can look up, there is science behind this, if you need more confirmation do search the internet for the case studies.

What it boils down to is, having your bare feet on the earth/soil/grass:

  • Helps increase the surface charge of the red blood cells, this changes the viscosity of the blood (meaning it helps improve flow).

  • Case studies have shown it improves cellular functions in the body.

  • It can reduce blood pressure.

  • Has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

  • There are probably more benefits, but even these points are enough to know that Earthing Is Good For Health.

  • Apart from anything else it feels uplifting, calming, soothing, nourishing, stabalising.


On a more energetic and spiritual level, it stands to reason synthetic materials, pavements, asphalt or anything that gets in the way of directly feeling the earth will be a type of barrier to really feeling the connection with the Earth. After all the Earth is alive and has so much healing to offer us in the modern world we live in.

Don’t Take My Word For it!

I’ve found the Earth is willing to receive what we would call heavy energy, emotions, fuzzy head feelings, resistance and all manner of ‘things’. I’m shown the Earth doesn’t really care what format the ‘stuff’ is in. The Earth has the innate capability to neutralise and transform the ‘gunk’ without any effort or negative impact at all. It’s just energy, with no judgement, so to speak, it gets transformed. I can't really explain how I know that, its a feeling, it goes beyond words. This is my experience, you don’t have to take my word for it. I hope you don’t take my word for it! I hope you’ll explore for yourself the direct experience of connecting to the Earth and Earthing.

Top Tips

  1. Decide to listen to your body more and take notice of hints and nudges or repeated information coming to you (if you’ve ignored it the first few times).

  2. Find a way to go bare foot somewhere as often as you can. If you don’t have access to a garden, it may be the local woods or parks that works for you. Even if you live in a city, you’ll know where is best to go.

  3. You don’t have to walk you could just sit or stand bare foot in your chosen spot for about 15 minutes or more if you can. Your intuition will guide you.

  4. Just to experiment, pretend you can open the soles of your feet and off load the heavy stuff, handing it over the Earth, like it’s draining down your body and going directly into the Earth to be transformed. Give thanks.

  5. Remind yourself that everything is connected so as you raise your vibration, everyone benefits.

  6. Notice how you feel afterwards. This starts to build an awareness and deeper connection to your body.

It’s ok if you get funny looks from people, let go of caring too much about what people are thinking or if they comment. You never know it might inspire others!


Now you know how to using Earthing as a tool for good health using the top tips and to consider off loading ‘stuff’ onto the Earth for your personal healing.

For further resources Click for free Clarity Meditations.

Copyright 2022 Nina Heaton

Disclaimer - All information in my videos, blogs, website, Conscious Art or anything I create is for information only. I do not diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease. Please refer to your healthcare practitioner for advice.

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