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Breathing Technique For Relaxation

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

This blog shows you how to use a simple breathing technique which is so useful for soothing the nervous system. Sometimes we need to take charge and guide the body back to the centre, like resetting the system. Here is the why and how.

Taking Charge

Sometimes the nervous system gets a little bit carried away with itself and goes on overdrive. We need to take charge and create a full stop; something which interrupts the pattern. In my 30 year experience of working with clients, observing the cause and root of the issue first is much better for your long term health, well being and joy! It brings conscious awareness to what is really going on. Just being focussed on the symptom is only scratching the surface, the issue will resurface again because at a higher level there is a requirement to outgrow the issue. Although it could be thought of as something to avoid, the self enquiry and process of transforming issues is liberating, and can actually be a joyful and creative process!

The Core

The limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and behaviours fuel the emotional reaction to the world around us. We project out these disruptive patterns and then react to them in some way or other. These reactions often trigger a response in the body, often with adrenaline, the fight or flight mechanism. The mechanisim is useful of course if we really are in danger, but much of the time it is a habitual response. The adrenal glands get over used which leads to exhaustion.

Back to Basics

You may already know what is causing the tension, awareness is the first step towards change, it really is. So first just acknowledge how reality is showing up for you, no need to avoid, just allow yourself to be with it for a while. You will be guided to where you need to be, or what assistance you need. But first you need to settle the body down so you can actually feel the guidance and that inner voice or nudge.

Alpha State

When we move the breathing location slightly further down than usual after a few minutes is starts to soothe the nervous system. It creates the Alpha state in the brain. It’s very calming and is good for general relaxation, or preparation for sleep. It creates a soothing effect on the mind too (as everything is interconnected in the body), that’s why it works so well as a holistic exercise. You really are helping your whole entire body.

Acrylic painting by Nina Heaton
Master Yogi painting

Soothing The Nervous System Exercise

  1. Feel your feet on the ground and push down with your feet to contract the legs muscles, then let go.

  2. Feel the seat.

  3. Raise your shoulders up to the ears, and then let go.

  4. Loosen your neck by moving your nose slowly in a big circle.

  5. Take attention to scalp, scrunch up your face, and relax your face. Gently gaze at the Master Yogi Painting which is embedded with healing frequencies (to discover more Conscious Art)

  6. Put one hand on the chest and one hand on the stomach area(diaphragm area), just feel the movement of the breath. Is it the chest moving? Stomach area? Or maybe it’s both.

  7. Move the hand on the stomach in a slow and gentle circular movement for a moment or two. This helps you to engage with the area you’re now wanting to breathe from.

  8. Feel the normal movement of the breath and like a sphere slowly rolling down the body, imagine this movement sliding down to where your hand is on the stomach.

  9. In effect, you are requesting the body to move the location of the breath slightly further down (no change in the quantity of the breathing at all) the body will happily respond to your request, even if it is just a slight change (no need to force or try here, it’s just a gentle request).

  10. Allow yourself to just notice the breathing, you may notice the hand on the chest may become more still. Just go with whatever version you can do today, it can be different each time you experience this.

Stay with this for at least five minutes, you’ll notice gradually the body becoming more relaxed, and the mind becoming more peaceful.


Now you know first-hand how easy it is to experience relaxation just by using your awareness and directing your focus to use the breath slightly differently. This is the first step to dealing the issues which may keep surfacing.

If you’d like to feel empowered to find the confidence, clarity and wholeness within and are ready for change, book your free Discovery Session. In this session we chat about where you are now, where you’d like to be and how I can help you liberate yourself from the old patterns.

Copyright 2022 Nina Heaton

Disclaimer – I’m sharing this blog, all videos, Conscious Art, website content for information purposes only. I do not diagnose, treat, cure any disease or disorder. Please refer to your healthcare practitioner for advice.

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