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Overwhelming Emotions?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Changing The False Readings

In this potent blog I’ll be introducing you to information you may not know, along with a useful exercise which can be used frequently if needed. Why are emotions sometimes overwhelming, and how can you directly make changes so you don’t get overwhelmed so easily? Read on and I'll share some facts that will surprise you!

You May Have Forgotten This

Observe the Diamond Heart Painting (embedded with healing frequencies). Simpl look at the painting with a soft gaze for a while ( see more details about the e caught up in the turmoil this truth feels far far away, or maybe it feels like there is no support at all,ythat’s because you’re far far outside of your flowing connection to yourself. But we’re going to change that, if you like?

Past Impacting On The Present

In the past when we’re a very young child the nervous system obviously isn’t fully developed. There are around 10,000 Spindle cells in the brain that deal with emotion (around the age of 3 years old). Many experiences will happen where there is simply too much going on for the nervous system to process, so it’s then overloaded. This experience of being overwhelmed leaves a type of emotional imprint like a type of spasm, from this we build a fear of feeling overwhelmed.

The Science

As an adult there is around 80,000 spindle cells in the brain which deal with emotions. The issue is we’re often still running on the old data which says “ I can’t cope with this because I only have 10,000 cells.” This is a false reading, the body has just collected up lots of old information/conditioning and programmes and pushed the alarm bells to ring at full volume. But the thing is, by now we have 80,000 cells which is more than enough to deal with the situation easily.

Taking Charge

We get so conditioned and identified with physical contractions of the body, meaning we have quite a reaction to the physical feelings that emotions generate. The ‘false alarm’ takes over and we’re consumed by it all. It’s all very convincing, and of course is a very real experience, but we can change this. It has to change because otherwise we’ll be constantly pulled around by our emotions, it’s way too exhausting, it uses up too much energy and time! Time where you could be experiencing something more useful and enjoyable!

Brace Yourself

I’m going to ask a very direct question....are you ready? Do you want quick relief from this experience or do you want to outgrow it? Most of the time we want quick relief, understandable but unfortunately it’s not the way forward. Why? Because these challenges are opportunities to elevate yourself, to experience more of yourself than you realised is there. More wisdom, more resilience, more self compassion, the ‘knowing’ that you are more than your emotions, your thoughts and your body. You’re an omnipresent being with huge potential to outgrow this ‘stuff’.

Initiate The Change

It is a topic you can make a start on yourself. There can be other causes of this issue which would require 1:1 sessions to guide you through your Journey of Transformation. The process I’ve created integrates the root cause of these types of issues, it’s the simplest way to create liberation for yourself.

Co-creating With Life

The feeling of being in flow with life means you create with life (the struggle dissolves). You connect with your true self, this powerful omnipresence within. From here it’s easier to make decisions, health often improves as there is more energy available to the body, relationships improve as you open your heart even more, communication and creativity flows and so many more benefits. But for now make a decision to initiate the change using the exercise below (you can always book a free Discovery Session with me if you feel you are ready for change and would like guidance on how to do that).

Diamond Heart painting - Nina Heaton
Diamond Heart

Start To Make A Change Exercise

  1. Feel the rise and fall of the breath. Feel your feet on the ground.

  2. Observe the Diamond Heart Painting (embedded with healing frequencies). Simpy look at the painting with a soft gaze for a while (discover more about the Conscious Art here).

  3. While standing, if you can, notice how your body feels, notice the thoughts (position 1).

  4. Now see, feel or just pretend there is a large white sphere of light behind you, bigger than the size of your body. It’s filled with calming and supportive diamond light.

  5. Take a step back behind you into the sphere now (position2), you are stepping out of the emotion and overwhelm so you can observe yourself ‘doing the old programme'. Close your eyes if that helps.

  6. Inside this white shining sphere you feel protected and calm as you allow the light to bring clarity to all levels of your being.

  7. From this place of calm you can see yourself and witness yourself in your minds eye, you’re not getting involved in any way, your job right now is just to observe without any judgement of any kind.

  8. You see it all play out in front of you, you see the overwhelm peak and eventually subside. Stay there and take your time, continue to observe until the picture you’re watching finishes (the simple act of non judgemental observation itself, always changes something).

  9. Now notice what’s different. Is there an awareness shift of some kind? May be you’re feeling more compassion towards yourself, or perhaps you know those negative thoughts have no truth in them. Or that you have SOOooo much more power within than you gave yourself credit for.

  10. When you’re ready step forward into position 1, take a deep breath and stretch.

It’s important to allow a few moments to reflect on what has changed. From this awareness what changes will you make? What will you let go of? Create? Implement? What will you put into action now?


Now you know how these emotions can be dealt with easily using the combination of the Diamond Heart painting and the Start To Make A Change Exercise. It’s a beautiful and potent combination to empower yourself to find the solutions within.

Copryright 2022 Nina Heaton

Disclaimer - All information in my videos, blogs, website, Conscious Art or anything I create is for information only. I do not diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease. Please refer to your healthcare practitioner for advice.

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